Do Anatolian Shepherds Like Water and Can They Swim? (Solved!)

You want your Anatolian Shepherd to have a healthy and active lifestyle, but what activities are best for your pet?

Anatolian Shepherds are dogs that are bred to move around and be active.

In particular, these dogs were used in the past to herd flocks of sheep and other animals.

But the question remains, do Anatolian Shepherds like water, and can these dogs swim?

In this post, I’ll answer your questions about the topic.

I’ll tell you specifically whether the Anatolian Shepherd can swim and whether they enjoy being in the water.

You want to make sure that your dog is safe and happy.

So, don’t push your dog to swim without reading through this post.


Do Anatolian Shepherds Like Water?

Whether your Anatolian Shepherd likes water will depend on a few different factors.

This includes their personality and their experiences with water.

Still, on the whole, this breed does not have any problems with water and enjoys swimming.

Again, this is a very active breed that will enjoy all kinds of physical activity. So, for the most part, your dog should happily go to the water.

But, you have to remember that every dog has different preferences.

Keeping this in mind, you want to ensure that your pet actually likes water before you place them into it.

I’ll talk more about how you can safely let your dog enter the water and swim in a later section of this post.

To answer the question simply, though, most Anatolian Shepherds will like water.

Really, unless they have had bad experiences with water or have a shy personality they will enjoy swimming.

Can Anatolian Shepherds Swim?

I’ve said that most Anatolian Shepherds like water, but can Anatolian Shepherds swim?

The Anatolian Shepherd should have no issues swimming.

This Shepherd dog is an active and highly athletic breed that enjoys physical activities. This also includes swimming.

In other words, this breed is meant to be active in the water. You just have to let your pet know that the water is safe and fun.

Again, I’ll go over some tips that will help your dog enjoy swimming in the water safely. But know that your dog can swim in the water if you are patient and careful with them.

How To Teach Anatolian Shepherds To Swim

Anatolian Shepherd by Tibilou (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Many dogs can learn to swim if you take a little bit of time to teach them.

But if you are putting your Anatolian Shepherd in the water for the first time you want to be extra mindful.

Not all dogs will know how to swim just on instinct alone and this includes this particular breed of dog.

So, you want to watch your dog and properly teach them how to swim.

I’ll go over the steps to teach your Anatolian Shepherd here. Some dogs can swim a lot easier than others.

Anatolian Shepherds have a body that is built for swimming but you still want to take precautions.

Make Sure You And Your Dog Are In A Quiet Place

The first thing you want to do is go to a place where there are very few distractions and noises.

You want your dog’s full attention on swimming. So go somewhere quiet where they won’t wander or stop listening to you.

Also, start in the more shallow end and let your dog slowly get more comfortable with deeper water.

Prepare Your Dog Slowly For The Water

Next, you want to keep your dog’s leash on and then gradually put them in the water.

Never dump your dog into a pool or lake, this can be highly dangerous. Instead, let them dip their paws in and sniff the water. Then start to guide them in.

Be Patient With Your Pet And Support Them

Another thing you want to do is be patient with your dog.

Support them with your arms if you don’t have a life vest for them. And let them get used to paddling.

Most importantly don’t force your dog to swim if they are not doing well. Give them plenty of water breaks and always be patient.

And break your swimming lessons into short sessions until your dog builds up more endurance and stamina.

Always Watch Your Dog

Especially when your dog first starts swimming you need to keep an eye on them.

Don’t ever leave your pet alone, as this can be disastrous.

Yes, Anatolian Shepherds can get the hang of swimming fast, but you can’t just leave them alone in the water.

Reward Your Dog

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Finally, you want to reward your pet when they are swimming well.

Bringing along treats can be a great incentive for your dog. You want to get treats that float this way your dog can get to them.

But you can also pet your dog when they do a good job. Praising your pet can also be effective.

Never shout or get mad at your dog when they can’t swim. Instead, try to build up their confidence with love and rewards for the best outcomes.

Swimming Safety Tips For Anatolian Shepherds

Swimming safety is highly important, no matter what breed of dog you have.

Still, how can you make sure that your Anatolian Shepherd can swim safely without any issues?

I’ll talk about this in this section of the post.

Use Dog Life Vests And Floatation Devices

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Some pet owners might not realize it, but it is better to prepare your dog for the water. In most cases, you don’t want to put your dog in the water and toss them in.

In fact, I recommend getting them some kind of safety device to help them gradually get into swimming.

Especially if your Anatolian Shepherd is still young get a life vest that fits them well.

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You can also try out floatation devices to keep them upright.

Having either floaties or a life vest will help your dog learn how to paddle on its own. And it will make it much easier to teach them to swim.

Not all Anatolian Shepherds will need these but if they have a hard time swimming a life vest or flotation device will help.

Check The Weather

This might seem insignificant, but if you are bringing your dog to the ocean or a lake, check the weather.

Stormy weather can make it much harder to swim. So, always be mindful of this.

Make sure that you take your dog swimming on a clear day with no rain or wind. This way the water is the perfect condition for your pet to swim.

Check The Temperature Of The Water Too

Another thing you want to look out for is water temperature. If the water is boiling hot your dog can get overheated and pass out.

On the other hand, if the water is way too cold your dog could get hypothermia.

Put your hand in the water and feel what the temperature is to see whether it is too hot or cold.

Have Drinking Water And Shade Available For Them

Also, ensure that your dog has plenty of drinking water. You also need to give them a good amount of shade.

Don’t just let your dog swim for hours and hours. Make sure they get a break to drink and get out of the sun.

Water will cool down your dog, but warm weather can still be dangerous for your pet.

So, keep this in mind as you watch them swim.

Always Watch Your Pet

I have mentioned this throughout the post, but you need to keep a careful watch over your dog.

Even if they are great at swimming there is a chance that they could hurt themselves or get into trouble.

It’s better to be cautious than for something bad to happen to your Anatolian Shepherd dog.

In natural bodies of water be on the lookout for dangerous animals and harsh currents. While at home make sure that your dog is not getting too tired swimming in your pool.

Benefits Of Swimming For Your Anatolian Shepherd

Female Anatolian Shepherd Dog by Zeynel Cebeci (CC BY-SA 4.0)

There are many great benefits that swimming will provide for your Anatolian Shepherd.

I’ll talk about the top health benefits that come along with this activity.

This way you know exactly why this is such a great way for your Anatolian Shepherd to exercise.

1. Swimming Puts Less Stress On Joints And Bones

One of the biggest benefits of swimming is its low impact on the body.

Since your Shepherd is moving in water, there is less force and pressure placed on your dog as they move.

This means that the joints, bones, and other parts of the body won’t undergo as much wear and tear during exercise.

Weight-bearing exercises are normal and great for healthy dogs.

But it is good to let your dog take the weight off their joints and tendons every now and then.

Swimming also allows your dog to exercise wisely and still gets their heart pumping.

In addition, if your Shepherd is older or has recently been injured swimming is a great choice.

Since it is low stress and impact, dogs will be able to swim even if they have health conditions or have been hurt.

2. Great For Anatolian Shepherd Heart Health

Your pet needs to exercise regularly to maintain its heart health. What better way to do this than with swimming.

Swimming is one of the best cardio exercises for this breed. So, once your dog knows how to swim, they will be able to work out the heart.

You might think that cardio is only important for humans.

But you also want your dog to keep their heart healthy so they live a long and happy life.

Swimming is one great way to keep your pet around for longer!

3. Helps With Stress And Mental Health

We know that exercise and healthy living is important for humans. But this is equally as important for your Anatolian Shepherd.

Dogs get stressed out just like humans.

And if they don’t have an outlet to stay active and get rid of pent of energy they can get stressed.

In some cases, your dog can even develop mental health issues. This is why finding physical activities is so important for your pet.

Luckily, swimming is a great stress reliever. Exercise in general is good for stress and is beneficial.

But swimming really gives your pet the freedom to move around and have fun. Water also has calming properties for humans and dogs and can help soothe your pet.

4. Good For Weight Loss

Dogs can get overweight, even your active Anatolian Shepherd.

If you are looking for a way to slim down your pet swimming is the best option. This low-impact exercise is ideal for dogs that are overweight.

And swimming burns tons of calories, which means that your dog will get back to optimal health in no time.

5. Keeps Your Dog Cooled Down

Finally, swimming is a great summer activity for your Anatolian Shepherd.

When the weather starts to heat up, you can play with your dog in a pool or in nature. Water will cool your dog down and keep them happy as they stay active.

Sometimes, when it is too humid out you might not have the chance to get your dog active in the heat.

So, swimming can be a great alternative activity for your dog.


You might have wondered do Anatolian Shepherds like water, and can Anatolian Shepherds swim?

I answered both questions throughout this post.

These dogs do like water and can be great swimmers if you give them the right instructions.

But you need to watch out for your dog and don’t leave them unattended. Even the best canine swimmers can get into trouble.

So, read over all my tips for teaching your dog how to swim.

I also included some safety tips and some of the health benefits of swimming for Anatolian Shepherd.

You should go back over this post to really let this information sink in.

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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