Are Labradors Hypoallergenic?

Greyador: Greyhound Lab Mix Breed Info & Guide

Something that is hypoallergenic is unlikely to trigger an allergic response. The “hypoallergenic” dog breeds, on the other hand, can nevertheless produce allergic responses. Labrador retrievers are usually not hypoallergenic, … Continue Reading


A Lhasa Apso Puppy Walking to the Lawn

Today we’re going to talk about both dogs and babies. As you may know, Babies and Puppies are both very cute especially when they’re young and look so cute with … Continue Reading

When do Labs Stop Growing

German Shepherd Dog Breed

If you’re worried about your Labrador Retriever reaching full size, don’t be. They are considered full-grown when they reach 3 years old, but they can keep growing labs stop growing … Continue Reading