20 Popular Greyhound Mix Dog Breeds (w/ Pictures)

Greyhounds were originally bred for hunting different animals such as foxes, dares, and hares. They have unique characteristics such as stereoscopic eyesight and speed.

They are an independent breed because of their quiet dignity and peaceful nature.

These dogs are considered self-confident, gentle, calm, and intelligent. They are also easy to train and do not require as much exercise, and their barks are not recurrent.

Therefore, Greyhound mixes are designer breeds that possess several of these qualities.

Likewise, they are also among the fastest dogs, reaching a speed of 72 km/h and resting 18 hours a day.

After all, the characteristics and appearance will depend mainly on the dogs it is crossed with. Mixed breeds of Greyhounds are gaining strength. 

This article will show you 10 of the most famous Greyhound mixes out there.

Most Popular Greyhound Mixed Dog Breeds

1. Italian Greyhuahua = Italian Greyhound Chihuahua Mix

Italian Greyhound Chihuahua Mix
Image Source

The Chihuahua Italian Greyhound Mix is ​​a crossbreed of the Chihuahua with the Italian Greyhound.

It gets along well with other dogs and smaller pets if exposed and adequately socialized. It also responds well to positive reinforcement, like all dogs. 

The Italian Greyhuahua is more affectionate and enjoys spending time with family.

It is better not to leave Greyhuahuas alone for long periods since they don’t do well independently.

2. Greyador = Greyhound Lab Mix

A Greyhound and Lab Mix Seating Looking at the Camera

The Greyhound Lab Mix is generally overly active and introverted compared to a typical Greyhound who is calm and reserved.

It may be shorter, but his build is sturdier and more solid. These dogs are good consumers, as, by nature, they always have an appetite. 

They also need special grooming because of their smooth and short coat. 

As for their genetic make-up and health, there is a possibility of this cross inheriting health problems from its parents. They include hyperthyroidism, muscle weakness, etc.

Indeed, this cross is not only an excellent dog for families, but the specimen is also ideal for hunting.

The Greyhound guarantees speed and vision, while the labrador, excellent smell. This combination is both epic and superb.

As of 2021, Labrador Retrievers are the most popular breeds registered by the American Kenne Club. For this reason, the Greyhound Labrador mix is prevalent.

Because Labradors are also ranked among the most intelligent dog breeds globally, this mix is ​​still considered smart compared to other greyhound crosses.

3. Greybull Pit = Greyhound Pitbull Mix

Greyhound Pitbull Mix Standing on Field

The Greyhound Pitbull mix comes in different sizes, ranging from medium to large. 

Something unique about this mix is that they are friendly and social. They associate with other pets and children around the house. They have a gentle and even-tempered nature.

The Greyhound Pitbull mix needs to be regularly exercised after hours of strenuous activities to prevent them from developing social and behavioral problems.

There is a high probability that this dog can inherit health problems from its parents.

4. Shephound = Greyhound German Shepherd Mix

German Shepherd and Greyhound Mix dog running

The Greyhound and German Shepherd mix are compatible, given that Greyhounds are not easy to train. However, the German Shepherd, who is very obedient, can suffice.

Something unique about this cross is that they are excellent family and guard dogs.

They can also be excellent police or rescue dogs if given the proper training with patience.

The Shephound mix can also take advantage of the extraordinary sense of smell of the German Shepherd. This is precisely because it detects odors up to 45 times more than a human.

The German Shepherd ranks high among the world’s most popular dog breeds, accounting for the popularity of this mix. They can live up to 13 years.

The Shephound also inherit different personalities and behaviors from their parent breed. They are also prone to obesity and overweight.

Feeding them with organic dog food and not the usual dog treats is advisable.

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5. Houndsky = Greyhound Husky Mix

Houndsky Greyhound Husky Mix Sitting on Pavement
Image Source

The Greyhound Husky mix has several notable characteristics with astounding unique features. 

They have thicker hair than a typical Greyhound, making them suitable for cold climates.

The Siberian Husky has enormous strength; therefore, the Greyhound Husky mix being fast can be very stubborn and persistent.

It’s not surprising that these canines often start howling, just like wolves. They prefer to howl rather than bark.

Generally, the Greyhound Husky mix is not easy to train. However, given their friendly, generous, and outgoing nature, they are the perfect dogs for families.

Houndsky dogs relate very well to different people if you socialize them.

In addition, they require a lot of exercise, have a lot of fur with high grooming needs.

Greyhounds usually have brown eyes and Huskies blue eyes. So the cross can have a color in one eye and a different color in the other.

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6. Pootalian = Greyhound Poodle Mix

Greyhound Poodle Mix Running on Grass

The Italian Greyhound Poodle Mix is ​ a high-energy dog ​​with a very high prey drive.

This is an easy-to-love and extremely friendly dog. Obviously, this dog is a hyperactive and high-energy dog.

They get along well with other pets if they are properly socialized. They are somewhat independent and can be alone when the house is noisy or crowded.

This Pootalian can inherit different conditions from its parent breed like eye problems, von willebrands, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, legg-calve-perthes, and skin problems.

7. Grey Boxhound = Boxer Greyhound Mix

Greyhound Boxer Mix Dog Lying Down

The crossing of a Boxer with a Greyhound is more strange than the previous mentions above.

However, the Boxer is currently among the most popular dogs in the world, developed from the combination of a Bulldog and a Mastiff.

Although this crossed breed generally looks aggressive, it is also intelligent and reserved. It is effortless to groom because they are short-haired.

They also need to be taken on long walks to keep their energy level up

Their tolerance and protective instincts are characteristics that make them perfect guard dogs.

Something very peculiar to the Boxer Greyhound mix is that it has a large tongue.

The Boxer holds the record among the dogs with the longest tongue, which measures up to 17 inches.

Comparing this to the tongue of a human, which is 10.1 cm, you can imagine the big difference.

The Grey Boxhound mix also tends to mature slowly. This is a specific feature of the Boxer, and it takes about three years to reach this stage.

8. Doberman Greyhound = Greyhound Doberman Mix

Greyhound Doberman Mix
Image Source

The Greyhound Doberman mix is considered wildly courageous, with a lot of energy, and they are always on the alert.

Compared to a pure Greyhound, they are more faithful and obedient.

Naturally, the ears of the Doberman Greyhound mix are semi-droopy and round.

However, several owners “bend” and stick them with adhesive tape to be pointed and upwards.

Because the Doberman is one of the largest dogs in the world, large dogs are made with this cross.

The Doberman Greyhound can also serve as an excellent family and guard dog.

They have a great hunting instinct, need to exercise regularly, and have plenty of furs—therefore, they are not suitable for small spaces.

Likewise, the Greyhound Doberman mix benefits from the Doberman’s ease of training and intelligence.

This is precise because they are ranked among the most intelligent dogs in the world.

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9. Great Greyhound = Great Dane Greyhound Mix

Great Dane Greyhound Mix Walking on Beach

The Great Dane Greyhound Mix is ​ a very large, potentially fast, high-energy dog. 

Like all dogs, the Greyhound Great Dane mix responds well to positive reinforcements.

They are affectionate and enjoy spending time with friends and families. It is not advisable to leave them alone for long periods as it doesn’t do well on its own.

Their coat needs to be brushed a few times a week because the Great Dane Greyhound mix is a moderate shedder.

To keep a Great Greyhound mix healthy, it is advisable to feed them with an organic and raw dog food diet.

10. Greagle = Greyhound Beagle Mix

Greyhound Beagle Mix Running on Field

The Greyhound Beagle mix is loving, happy, and charming at first glance, especially when they are puppies.

While the Greagle is docile and relaxed, they can quickly become irritated.

Notably, the Beagle ranks among the most popular breeds and can also live up to 15 years.

Something special about this mixed breed is that they have a great hunting instinct but are easy to train. Training them while they are younger is better, as it may become more challenging as they grow older.

The size of these four-legged friends depends on the type of Beagle species they are crossed with.

They require long walks daily to prevent depreciation in their energy level.

Interestingly, the Greagle particularly barks a lot. It can make up to 20 different sounds.

This isn’t surprising, as the word “Beagle” is of French origin and is used for personalities who talk a lot.

11. Border Greyhound = Greyhound Border Collie Mix

Greyhound Border Collie mix

The Greyhound Border Collie mix is one of the friendliest dog breeds you will ever meet. This is not surprising as the Greyhound is a friendly, gentle, and calm dog.

One thing for sure is that the Border Greyhound will have a strong herding instinct — a very similar trait between the parent breeds.

The parent breeds are prone to different illnesses, making their mix susceptible to epilepsy and hip dysplasia.

The Greyhound Border Collie mix requires long walks and exercise than most of the mixes on this list, to keep the energy level up.

12. Golden Greyhound = Greyhound Golden Retriever Mix

Greyhound Golden Retriever Mix
Image Source

The Golden Retriever ranks as the third most popular dog breeds, making this mix among the most sought-after designer breeds.

Hence, we can opine that the popularity of this crossed breed is due to the presence of the Golden Retriever in the crossing. Not just that, they are obedient and easy to train.

The physical appearance of the Golden Greyhound will depend on the type of Golden Retriever that was used. This can either be the American, British or Canadian species.

The Greyhound Golden Retriever mix is courteous, faithful, and always alert. They are very versatile, which makes them good family dogs.

The mix is also perfect for hunting and can serve as a good guard dog.

Something spectacular about this crossbreed is the sound of its bark. Its bark can go up to 113 decibels, more than the noise source of live rock music.

This has made it one of the breeds that has the most intense bark of all dog species.

13. Italian Doxie = Italian Greyhound Dachshund Mix

Italian Greyhound Dachshund Mix at the Dog Park
Image Source

This Italian Greyhound Dachshund mix is usually of medium size and has an elongated body. A healthy Italian Doxie can live up to 16 years with proper care.

They are very complicated to train and are trained mainly by dog training experts and experienced owners—not just novices.

In several cases, this breed has loose and slightly long ears. They also like to bark frequently, as these characteristics are specific to the Dachshund breed.

Likewise, this breed is very mischievous, lively, and stubborn.

14. Bostalian = Greyhound Terrier Mix

Greyhound Terrier Mix Sitting on Ground at the Park

The Greyhound Terrier mix is a cross that is very friendly and fearless. It also has great hunting instincts—thanks to the parent breeds—and is relatively easy to train. 

Because they can be stubborn, they can cause many problems without proper training.

Two of the significant traits of the Greyhound Terrier mix is that they are aggressive and energetic.

This crossed breed can be perfect as police, hunting, and a family dog with patience and proper training.

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15. Italian Greyhound Jack Russell Mix

Italian Greyhound Jack Russell Mix Standing Looks Aside
Image Source

The Italian Greyhound Jack Russell mix can grow up to 13 to 15 inches at the shoulder level with a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

They get along well with other dogs and smaller pets if they are properly socialized.

Being alone when the house is noisy isn’t a problem since this mix is capable of independence.

Grooming a Greyhound Jack Russell mix is not so difficult. You can brush several times a week because they shed a lot. They also need a regular bath to prevent their skin from drying out.

This mix does well with long hikes and walks to keep their energy level up and prevent them from becoming destructive.

16. Rotthound = Greyhound Rottweiler Mix

Greyhound Rottweiler Mix

The Greyhound Rottweiler mix is a newer hybrid with some amazing characteristics and traits.

The combination of the Greyhound’s speed and the Rottweiler’s strength is an interesting mix, going by the Greyhound Rottweiler mix’s personality and temperament.

It is advisable to use positive training methods for this mix because of its strength and intelligence.

These dogs are naturally reserved around strangers even when fully matured and completely socialized.

Greyhound Rottweiler mixes also enjoy getting involved in canine athletics events like rallies, agility, dock diving, and several other sports of this kind.

This can serve as a great chance for the dog to exercise its mind and body.

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17. Pootalian = Italian Greyhound Poodle Mix

Italian Greyhound Poodle Mix Seating Looking at Camera
Image Source

The high energy and strong prey drive of the Italian Greyhound Poodle mix is not surprising, given the personality traits of the parent breed.

They are hyperactive and possess high energy—still, they are easy to love and extremely friendly.

Pootalians gets along well with other animals if they are properly exposed and socialized.

Unfortunately, Pootalians can inherit different diseases from their parents’ breed.

The Italian Greyhound Poodle mixes may be prone to conditions like eye problems, Von Willebrand, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, legg-calve-perthes, and skin problems.

18. Mastiff Greyhound = Greyhound Mastiff Mix

Greyhound Mastiff Mix in Standing Height

The Mastiff Greyhound is a combination of two powerful dog breeds with different personalities.

Consequently, the Greyhound Mastiff mix can be strong and fearless and can also be submissive at the same time.

Like most mixes on this list, it can inherit different conditions from its parents. But if the parent breeds are healthy, there is a probability that the Greyhound Mastiff mix will be hale.

Also, they need to be regularly exercised after hours of strenuous activities to prevent them from developing behavioral problems and being destructive.

19. Puggit = Greyhound Pug Mix

Black Greyhound Pug Mix Standing on Grass
Image Source

The Greyhound and the Pug are vastly different physically. Therefore, their cross can’t occur naturally; it will have to be by artificial insemination. 

The Greyhound Pug mix also generally has a particularly short muzzle compared to a standard Greyhound. They are usually small in size due to the small size of the Pug breed.

The Pug is originally from China and was bred to be a lap dog.

The Greyhound, on the contrary, is a hunting dog. However, this cross makes it a perfect dog for families.

Also, this mix comes with short hair on its body that requires weekly brushing.

It is not advisable to overfeed them because they are prone to obesity. Feeding them with a proper balanced protein diet is preferable.

20. Bull Greyhound = Greyhound Bulldog Mix

Greyhound Bulldog Mix Lying Beside a Dog Toy on Grass

The Greyhound Bulldog mix is a highly affectionate dog who would not hesitate to greet with a tail wag.

If this dog is trained properly, they exhibit friendly characteristics, making them one of the best pets to have around.

Early socialization helps to take care of any aggressive habits that could develop. This dog is rather affectionate and enjoys spending lots of time with its owner.

These dogs can inherit different illnesses like joint dysplasia and reverse sneezing from their parents’ breed.

The Greyhound Bulldog requires routine grooming and baths as needed, depending on the circumstances at hand.

They are moderate shedder, so expect to brush their coat a few times a week.

The importance of extended exercise for the Bull Greyhound can not be overemphasized because of its high energy level.

Related Questions

Are Greyhounds good family dogs?

Of course, the Greyhound is a calm companion. They require and need a lot of attention from family and friends.

However, it needs a familiar environment for this. Once greyhounds get used to their family, they show their affectionate and playful nature.

This is because Greyhounds tends to be a bit shy and distant towards strangers.

How long do Greyhound mixes live?

Greyhound crosses can live to be 10 to 15 years old, depending on the breed it is mixed with and its state of health.

How big does a Greyhound mix get?

Depending on the type of dog, an adult greyhound can weigh anywhere from 23 to 35 kg. Greyhounds reach a height of approx. 32 to 79 cm, depending on the subspecies.


The old Greyhound’s strength, agility, and loyalty make it suitable for other breeds, and the resulting hybrids often inherit these valuable traits.

Regardless of the breed, it is crossed with, rest assured that the Greyhound mix is suitable for a loyal and loving family.

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