Do Canaan Dogs Shed? (Solved!)

Those looking to get a Canaan Dog are mostly interested in their personality and physical traits.

This rare breed is intelligent, affectionate, obedient, and up for any task you put in front of them.

They’re also alert, courageous, and make excellent watchdogs.

However, many potential owners don’t stop to think about how Canaan Dog will fit their lifestyle and living situations.

Potential owners of this breed should be concerned with the question do Canaan Dogs shed a lot.

Some dogs are a joy to live with but are prone to leaving the mess behind them.

Owners who had a high-shedding dog know how much time-consuming it can be to clean up hair behind their dog on a daily basis.

So, this is definitely something to think about when planning on getting a dog.

Below, you’ll find out everything you need to know about Canaan Dog coats and shedding.


Do Canaan Dogs Shed?

In general, Canaan Dogs are moderate shedders, but they still shed more than you would probably expect given their sleek appearance.

Even though they don’t shed too much most of the time, they do have two heavy shedding periods when they shed profusely.

This is the time when you have to be more active in grooming your dog and frequently brush them.

This will help remove the loose hair and help your dog look his best. Outside of heavy shedding periods, they only require brushing once a week.

The good thing about Canaan Dogs is that they don’t tend to get mats or not as much as some other breeds.

As long as you diligently perform your brushing duties, your dog should look nice and tidy.

In addition, their hair is not long and is fairly easy to maintain, so you likely won’t need the help of a professional groomer.

Are Canaan Dogs Hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately for owners who are more prone to dog allergies, Canaan Dogs are not hypoallergenic.

They’re not perfectly suitable for allergy patients as they can easily elicit allergic reactions.

This is true even though they have a fairly short coat and are not among the biggest shedders.

However, most people are not even allergic to dog hair but to dander (flakes on your dog’s skin) or the dog’s saliva.

What Kind of Coat does a Canaan Dog have?

The origins of Canaan dogs are in the desert areas of the Middle East.

Just like mountain dogs mostly have developed a double coat to protect them from freezing temperature, Canaan Dog’s double coat served as insulation in the extreme desert heat.

Also, it kept them warm during the cold desert night.

The topcoat is relatively short with straight and coarse hair lying flat against the body. The fur is a bit thicker and longer around the neck. The tail is also bushier than the rest of the body.

The undercoat is plush and much softer.

It’s quite dense, although the density can vary depending on the climate conditions of the area the dog lives in.

How Do You De-shed a Double-Coated Dog?

Canaan dogs belong to the group of breeds that shed twice a year and many owners think that they can solve the shedding problem by clipping them.

However, this is not the solution as they will still shed and the newly clipped, short fur will be even more difficult to pick up.

Probably the best way to control the shedding as much as possible is to de-shed your dog regularly and properly, especially during the heavy shedding season.

What is De-shedding?

To de-shed a dog means to physically remove the dog’s loose undercoat.

This way, you get rid of the excess hair before it has a chance to land on the carpet, furniture, or anywhere else in the house.

This will significantly reduce the amount of loose hair but be aware that it doesn’t actually stop the shedding.

It’s more of a way to keep shedding under control.

The Process of De-Shedding

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De-shedding can’t be done with a regular brush. It will not do you any good while trying to remove the dog’s undercoat.

For this job, you’ll need a specifically designed brush or an [amazon link=”B07P2N8HQH” title=”undercoat rake” link_icon=”amazon” /].

You should begin removing the loose undercoat by using smooth and steady strokes.

Patience is the key here as removing all the dead hair and getting through all the fur, especially from larger dogs may take some time.

It’s important to stay gentle and resist the urge to finish the job faster by applying more pressure to pull more fur.

Doing this may hurt your dog and, at the same time, put some strain on your wrist.

How much de-shedding is needed depends on a particular dog. Some will need only a daily de-shedding for a couple of days.

With others, you’ll have to do this several times a day for a week or more.


While they’re very adaptable and can get used to living in an apartment and smaller spaces, keeping Canaan Dog inside still requires some work.

They are rather clean dogs who can take care of themselves most of the time.

This breed doesn’t shed a lot and, more importantly, their hair almost never gets matted or tangled.

However, they do have seasons of heavy shedding when they require more of your attention.

Fortunately, with proper grooming, you can minimize the effect Canaan Dog’s shedding will have on your household.

By dedicating some time to regular brushing and seasonal de-shedding, you will be able to keep your house relatively clean.

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Madeline Wright

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