When Do Rough Collies Get Their Full Coat? (Answered)

There’s hardly a breed that can compare to Rough Collies when it comes to the imprint on popular culture.

The series of books, movies, and TV shows about a Rough Collie named Lassie made these dogs superstars worldwide.

One of the major reasons for such popularity of the breed is its lush, abundant coat.

Even though they’re rather hard workers, originally bred for herding, the first thing that comes to people’s minds when talking about Rough Collies is their majestic and elegant appearance.

It’s also one of the deciding factors for potential owners when thinking about getting one of them.

However, the coat takes some time to grow and develop this beautiful.

Besides, this impressive coat means that you’ll have to invest some time in the maintenance and cleaning.

Below, you’ll learn when do Rough Collies get their full coat and how much it sheds once fully developed.


When Do Rough Collies Get Their Full Coat?

Of course, Rough Collie puppies don’t feature the abundant and glorious coat this breed is known for.

The coats of Rough Collies puppies are already full and lush but not as long and harsh as the adult dog’s hair.

The full coat doesn’t develop until the Rough Collie is at least two years old. Commonly, it’s only their third coat when the fur is shown in all of its glory.

The first coat they grow as adults (the second one in total) will already have a more coarse texture compared to puppies.

However, the full length and volume are not there yet.

With the third coat (the second they grow as adults), the coat features volume, length, and harsh feel the breed is famous for.

The hair growth may depend on the climate. Rough Collies thrive in colder climates, so the hair may not grow as fast in warmer regions.

What Type of Coat Does a Rough Collie Have?

Rough Collies’s sleek and long coat is its most identifiable feature.

Like most herding breeds, especially those from colder regions, Rough Collies have developed a double coat that protected them from harsh weather in their native country of Scotland.

The double coat keeps the cold and moisture away from their bodies, keeping the dogs warm even at low temperatures.

In addition, it also keeps them cool during summer, so clipping or shaving Rough Collies is a bad idea.

The undercoat is soft and very thick. The hairs are so close together that it’s difficult to see the skin even when they’re parted. The outer coat is more coarse, abundant, and long.

The hair is straight and feels harsh when touched. The only areas where the coat is less abundant are the head and legs. The hair here is also more smooth.

Rough Collie Coat Color

The coat of a Rough Collie can come in several color combinations.

The official standard recognizes four basic patterns: sable and white (predominantly sable with white markings), tri-color (black with tan and white markings), blue merle, and white, with no preference between them.

However, each color combination can feature visual variations. The white Rough Collie is the rarest of all and usually features sable or blue merle markings.

Do Rough Collies Shed a Lot of Hair?

Rough Collies are moderate to high shedders but, when taking into account the length of their hair, they’re capable of leaving a real mess behind them.

They regularly shed moderately throughout the year, with one heavy shedding period, lasting one or two months. This is what’s known as blowing coat.

This usually happens in the spring as the weather gets warmer. In addition, female Rough Collies will shed heavily before they come into heat.

Some females also shed profusely after the cycle and after having a litter of puppies. The shedding commonly begins with the undercoat, followed by the outer hair.

Regular brushing and de-shedding will help remove the loose hair that has already fallen off, preventing matting and tangling.

The lack of proper grooming may easily result in having loose hair all over your house.

How Do I Stop My Rough Collie from Shedding?

Shedding, even on the high level, is perfectly normal and all healthy Rough Collies will shed.

Still, there are some things you can do to minimize your dog’s shedding, at least to a certain extent.


While there’s no magic dog food that can prevent shedding, improving the quality of your Rough Collie’s diet can help keep it under control.

The best idea is to consult your vet about the kind of food you should feed your dog with.

In general, foods that can minimize excessive shedding are those rich in vitamins, minerals, and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

This type of diet will improve your dog’s hair health and, in addition, improve their skin.

Regular Brushing

When it comes to managing shedding, regular and diligent brushing is the most important thing you can do for your Rough Collie.

Brushing helps the removal of dead hair and aids in the even distribution of skin oils.

Skin oil is very important in keeping the hair healthy which is the best antidote to excessive shedding.

Brushing your Rough Collie every day will significantly reduce the amount of loose hair around your household.


Baths help in a similar way as brushing, as they help remove the dead hair before it reaches the floor.

However, you should be careful not to bathe your Rough Collie too often as it may dry out the hair and skin which will only cause more shedding.

Reducing the Stress

Rough Collies are very sensitive dogs and react to every change in their environment.

If you notice that your Collie has started to shed more than normal, try to remember if there was a recent change in the environment or a stress-inducing event that has led to that.

Try to help the dog adjust to a new situation and minimize its stress. A happy Rough Collie will not only shed less but be much healthier in general.


The popularity of Rough Collies is by no means an accident., We all love them and their majestic, royal appearance, emphasized by their abundant coat.

However, the coat that is wonderful and rich, does require some serious maintenance.

The owners may be spared of some of the work as the puppies grow, but from the age of 2, when they develop their full coat, regular and proper grooming is a must.

Still, it’s a job that brings many rewards. Having a nicely kept Rough Collie will is not only aesthetically pleasing but will also save you a lot of cleaning work.

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Madeline Wright

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