Can Corgis Live Outside? (Explained And Solved!)

Before you get corgis home, it is essential to understand how they live and where they can live and not live.

One of the most common questions which you will have is, can corgis live outside?

Depending on the answer to this question, you can decide whether corgis will be living within your home or on outdoor premises.

I will answer this question for you. Once you know the answer, you can plan to adopt a corgi in a much better way.


Can Corgis Live Outside?

Yes, corgis can live outside, but only if they are well trained.

Not only that, corgi puppies cannot live outside.

You need to consider this and then you can take a call on their residence.

There are quite a few reasons why untrained corgis cannot live outside. I will share these reasons below.

Why shouldn’t untrained corgis live outside?

5 Reasons Why Untrained Corgis Shouldn’t Live Outside

1. Disturbance To Neighbors

When you make untrained corgis live outside, they will bark a lot and cause a lot of noise.

That is because they will suffer from excessive stress.

Not only that, they will jump around, run around, as well as dig the ground.

Moreover, since they are untrained, they will bark at any point in time. When that happens, sure enough, they are going to disturb your neighbors.

It is one of the primary reasons why untrained corgis shouldn’t live outside.

2. Feeling Of Isolation

Corgis can suffer from separation anxiety if they live outdoors alone.

This is where the training plays a critical role.

When they suffer from separation anxiety, they can become destructive. It can so happen that they destroy plants, scratch the surfaces, and cause more trouble outside.

Even if you ignore this damage, there is a detrimental impact on your corgis’ mental health.

It is another reason why they shouldn’t live outside if they are not trained.

3. Too Much Disturbance For Dogs

In the open premises, there can be a lot of noise for your corgis as well. The noise can be from the neighbor’s house, vehicles on the road, and many other things.

This might be too much disturbance for your dog. They, in turn, might have insomnia as well.

Not only that, they can suffer from noise anxiety.

Some of the symptoms of noise anxiety include:

  • Drooling
  • Standing still in place for a long time
  • Hiding under something
  • Panting

The noise anxiety can undoubtedly take a toll on their health for the longer term.

4. Uncomfortable Weather

Corgis have a thick coat of fur. They can feel comfortable at temperatures as low as 50 °F.

The problem is that the double coat that they have can work against them when the temperature is on the higher side.

It can result in hyperthermia. If you ignore the symptoms of hyperthermia, it can prove fatal for your dog.

Some of the symptoms include:

  • Panting
  • Restlessness
  • Not comprehending your commands

That is why, in the hot summer months, you cannot keep trained corgi dogs outside.

If the temperature goes beyond 85 °F, you should bring your corgis in.

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5. Difficult To Keep Them In A Small Area

When corgis are outdoors, they move around a lot. That is why they need a larger area.

If with the help of a fence, you can keep them in a smaller area, they get irritated. They need to expend their extra energy when outdoors.

That is why it is challenging for you to keep corgis in a small area.

These are the five reasons why you cannot keep untrained corgis outside.

Still, for some reason, if you want to keep corgis outside, it is essential to know the tips which make it easy for your corgis to live outside.

6 Tips To Help Your Corgi Live Outside

The tips which you should follow include:

1. Contact A Trainer

The very first thing which you need to do is to contact a corgi trainer.

You have to let them know that you are planning to keep your corgis outside. That is when they will be able to train them in a much better way.

The trainer can eliminate the separation anxiety symptoms, noise anxiety, and various other things among your corgis. Once that is done and your corgis are trained, you can easily make them live outside.

Still, however, corgis cannot live outside when the temperatures are too high in summer season.

Apart from this, however, the trainer can help you tackle many problems and eliminate those.

2. Give Them Toys

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Want to keep your corgis happy outdoors?

If so, you need to give them [amazon link=”B07D77QQ59″ title=”quite a few toys” link_icon=”amazon” /]. Every dog has their favorite toy. You have to ensure that when corgis are living outside, you give them their favorite toy.

Once they have their favorite toy, the symptoms of anxiety will reduce drastically. Not only that, they won’t notice the noise outside as well. They will keep on playing with that toy.

This might seem like a simple tip, but it always works.

3. Keep Scented Clothes Around

Want to make them feel secure outside?

If so, you need to give them a few unwashed clothes of yours. Your unwashed clothes carry your scent.

When Corgis smell you around, they will feel more secure.

They are generally secure around their owners.

That is why giving them clothes with your smell can undoubtedly help them calm down.

It will also eliminate the separation anxiety symptoms, if any. Not only that, they can ignore the other problems which they will feel outside as well.

It is one of the easiest ways to help your corgis to live outside.

4. Help Them Exercise

Just because your corgis are living outside does not mean that they do not need your time.

You need to play with them. You need to play with them for more time than usual.

Once you do so, you will help them on expending their energy.

Only when their energy is expended will they remain calm outdoors.

The more you play with them, the calmer they will be outside. It is one of the most effective tips to help your corgis live outside.

5. Do Not Keep Them Out In Hot Weather

As I have highlighted above, once the temperature crosses 85 °F, you cannot keep corgis outdoors.

That is because they have a double fur coat.

The double coat increases their body temperature beyond the ambient outside temperature. They are likely to sweat a lot.

If they start sweating, they will lose a lot of water. Once that happens, dehydration will occur quickly as well.

It means that your corgis will not stay healthy at high temperatures outside.

Even if they are in the shade, still if the temperature is high, they can suffer from all these problems.

Keeping these factors in mind, you have to ensure that you’re not keeping your corgis outside when the temperature is high.

6. Provide Them With Personal Space

Just because the corgis are outdoors, does not mean that they do not need personal space.

Some pet owners think that they do not need a personal corner since they have access to the entire space.

If you do not provide them with one, their anxiety can increase over time. Not only that, they would become accustomed to the outer premises.

The best way to provide them with a personal space is to provide them with a [amazon link=”B076ZZ893Q” title=”comfortable dog bed” link_icon=”amazon” /].

You have to accompany that with their favorite treat, toy, dog bowl, and a water source.

If you’re planning to keep multiple corgis outside, you have to provide such personal space separately for every one of them.

Once you do so, they will become accustomed to that personal space over time. Once they get accustomed, you will not witness the symptoms of anxiety in them.

When they are in their area, they will be pretty happy.

Sure enough, arranging these things for multiple corgis is not an easy task, but you have to do so if you want to make them live outside.


With the help of these six tips, you can make corgis live outside. However, it is not entirely an easy task.

Only when you’re willing to make an effort can you achieve the same.

So, yes, trained corgis can live outside. However, as I have highlighted in my guide above, it takes a lot of work.

If you just plan on keeping the corgis out from day one, it won’t work. You have to follow the tips which I have highlighted above.

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Madeline Wright

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