Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit? Is It Good For Them?

Dragon fruits’ exotic look certainly works well in attracting newbies, and one bite keeps them hooked.

Also known as pitahaya, dragon fruit grows on cactus in North, Central, and South America.

Once you’ve enjoyed this fruit, it is normal that you’d want to share the joy with those around you. Your spouse, kids, colleagues, and even your beloved pet dog.

But can dogs eat dragon fruit? is dragon fruit good for dogs?

Of course, that’s where the problem lies. We know dogs can eat human food. At the same time, some fruits and vegetables are harmful to dogs.

It is up to you as a pet parent to determine which category dragon fruit falls into. Your enthusiastic pooch may not have time to think about that.

To be clear, dogs don’t need fruits as much as humans do. According to the AKC, dogs have no dire need for fruits. If you want to feed dragon fruits to your pet dog, don’t put pressure.

Dragon fruits are not toxic to dogs. On the contrary, your dog can benefit from a taste of this foreign-looking fruit.

Learn more about dragon fruits as part of a dog’s diet in the following paragraphs.

Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruits?

Here comes the good news. Dragon fruits are neither toxic nor unhealthy to dogs. Your pet pooch can eat this fruit, will enjoy it, and will gain massively. 

That said, you should consult your veterinarian before introducing dragon fruit to your pet.

This is essential because your vet will give you good suggestions regarding the serving plan and the best way to get your furry pal used to it.

Generally, it is best to take things slow. Most dogs won’t react negatively to dragon fruit, but if Bobby does, cease the operation.

Also, dogs shouldn’t eat dragon fruits every day. Like many other edible fruits, dragon fruit is best kept as an additional treat, after a dog’s main meal.

This fruit contains sugar, and an excessive amount of dragon fruits can affect your pet. 

White and Pink Dragon Fruit Sliced

There are different forms of dragon fruits, all of which are healthy for dogs in moderate quantities. They include:

  • Purple Dragon Fruit
  • Red Dragon Fruit
  • Pink Dragon Fruit
  • Yellow Dragon Fruit

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Benefits of Dragon Fruits for Dogs

When you take a 6-ounce portion of dragon fruit, here is the nutritional value:

  • Calories: 102
  • Fat: 0g
  • Protein: 2g
  • Carbohydrates: 22g
  • Sugar: 13g
  • Fiber: 5g
  • Vitamin A: 100 IU
  • Vitamin C: 4mg
  • Calcium: 31mg
  • Iron: 0.1mg
  • Magnesium: 68mg

With the nutritional value in mind, here are the major benefits of dragon fruits for dogs:

  1. Vitamin C in dogs strengthens their immune system, thereby making them resistant to diseases like cancer and heart failure. However, dogs don’t need too much Vitamin C. Give them the right amount for the vitamin to be effective. 
  1. Dragon Fruit contains fiber which aids in digestion. It also gets rid of toxins that may accumulate in a dog’s digestive system, as well as regulate a dog’s weight. Like vitamin C, dogs don’t need an excess of fiber. 
  1. Dragon Fruit is rich in calcium and iron, nutrients that work to keep a dog’s bone strong. It also assists in proper dental health and the functioning of the heart. 
  1. Another valuable nutrient you’ll find in dragon fruit is omega 3 fatty acids. This is important to dogs as fatty acids works on their skin. It also provides an additional source of energy, helps dogs with arthritis, and curbs the effect of allergies. 
  1. Dragon Fruits have antioxidants that prevent premature aging in dogs and forestall the destruction of cells. 

Downsides of Dragon Fruits

While we toot the horn of dragon fruits and recommend it for dogs, remember what was said about sugar?

Dragon Fruits have a lot of sugar (13g based on the 6-ounce portion we considered in our list above) and it will become unhealthy if you go too far.

There’s a reason dragon fruits should be given to dogs now and then. That is the only way you can prevent the downsides.

The sugar in dragon fruits can damage a dog’s teeth, leading to tooth decay and dental cavities. The sticky flesh stays on a dog’s teeth long after he finishes eating.

We suggest you brush your dog’s teeth after feeding him dragon fruit, or anything with sugar in it.

A high level of sugar can lead to hair loss in dogs. Not only does it make the dog look awkward, but it also exposes the skin to infections.

Diabetes is a serious condition to both dogs and humans, and it happens when there’s a spike in the blood sugar level. Too much sugar can cause diabetes in the long run.

Another problem a dog may face if he eats too many dragon fruits is stomach upset.

Though this isn’t as serious as diabetes, it is painful and discomforting. Dragon fruits could equally cause diarrhea. 

How Do I Know My Dog Loves Dragon Fruit?

It isn’t worth knowing about the advantages of dragon fruit if your dog dislikes it at the end of the day. You should appealingly fix the fruit for your dog.

There should be no tough skin that would be hard for your dog to eat, neither should there be seeds—though the dragon fruit seeds aren’t toxic. 

Here are a few ways to know your dog likes dragon fruits:

  • Wags his tail in excitement.
  • Barks and looks around for more when he’s through. 
  • Eats with enthusiasm.
  • Shows no adverse symptoms after eating.
  • Finishes the food. 
  • Be in a good mood after eating. 

It doesn’t happen often, but some dogs don’t enjoy the softness and taste of dragon fruits. Don’t force them to go further.

When your dog doesn’t appreciate dragon fruits, here are some signs he may show:

  • Eats slowly.
  • Shows no interest or excitement in the fruits.
  • Doesn’t finish it. 
  • Shakes his head and diverts his attention elsewhere. 
  • Shifts the bowl away.

How Do I Serve My Dog Dragon Fruit?

Diced and Served Dragon Fruit

You may have better chances at getting your dog to accept this fruit if you find creative ways to get him to eat.

Like humans, dogs are more inclined to eat when the food looks appetizing. 

 Also, we know the disadvantages of too many dragon fruits to dogs. Serving also means finding the right size which fits your dog.

A poodle won’t eat the same amount of dragon fruit as a labrador retriever. 

Having said that, there is no black-and-white method to serve dragon fruit to a dog.

It can be eaten raw and plain or added to your dog’s main meal. It can be served in the morning, at noon, or nighttime.

You can even serve it as cold snacks when the weather is warm and sunny.

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Related Questions

Can dogs eat dragon fruit skin?

The skin of dragon fruit is hard to chew. It also gives dogs a lot of difficulties swallowing. Dogs shouldn’t be allowed to eat dragon fruit skin to avoid intestinal problems. 

Is a dragon fruit poisonous?

Dragon fruit is healthy for both dogs and humans. There are no toxic elements in this fruit, even in the seeds.

That said, both dogs and humans should control the rate of consumption of dragon fruit. 

What happens when a dog eats dragon fruit?

Dragon fruit is a safe, healthy snack for dogs. It provides enough vitamins, fiber, and calcium to maintain and improve a dog’s health.

Nothing bad happens when a dog eats dragon fruit unless it is overeaten. 

Why should we not eat dragon fruit? 

An excess of antioxidants is unhealthy for humans and can cause lung cancer. One such antioxidant is beta-carotene, Vitamin E can also be harmful when too much. It leads to hemorrhagic stroke. 

The Bottom Line: Can Dogs Have Dragon Fruit

This tropical fruit deserves some kudos for its rich nutrients and its ability to be useful to both humans and dogs.

Not all fruits can contribute to a dog’s welfare like dragon fruit, and it makes for a healthy treat.

It will benefit your dog better if he likes the taste, and a proper serving will make dragon fruits plausible to your pet. 

However, both you and your pet must exercise caution with dragon fruits. The cliche “too much of everything is bad” definitely applies to this fruit.

For dogs, one spoonful is often enough. A veterinarian will guide you better on the serving size. 

When you follow the regulations, dragon fruit will be a health booster to you and your furry partner.

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