Can Corgis Jump And Is It Bad For Them?

Before getting a corgi, it is essential to understand more about their behavior.

Only when you do so will it become easier for you to decide about adopting them.

To know about their behavior, you need to find the answers to questions like, can corgis jump?

I will today share with you the answer to this question in great detail.


 Can Corgis Jump?

Yes, corgis can jump. They do this by using their hind legs for jumping, and then they land on their front legs.

The problem is that their legs are not accustomed to jumping. Moreover, if the terrain is uneven, it can put more pressure on the joints as well.

While corgis can jump around commonly that doesn’t mean it’s good for them.

Before I go into the same details, it is essential to understand whether corgis are good jumpers.

Are Corgis Good Jumpers?

In terms of jumping and landing, corgis are certainly good jumpers.

The higher the height of the corgi, the higher will be the height at which they can jump.

You will seldom notice a corgi becoming imbalanced or falling while jumping. In most cases, the corgi can clear the obstacle without any worry.

They have an excellent sense of their surroundings, which means that they will clear the obstacle without any worry.

In a nutshell, they are undoubtedly good jumpers.

How High Can A Corgi Jump?

Corgis can jump anywhere from 8 inches to 12 inches.

The exact height which they can jump depends on quite a few factors.

I will highlight these factors below.


The height of the corgi will determine how high the corgi can jump.

Younger corgis, especially puppies, will not be able to jump higher than 8 inches, while taller corgis can easily jump up to 12 inches as well.

Thus, the size of the corgis will determine the height to which they can jump.

Space In The Vicinity

When corgis need to jump from a stationary position, they can not jump as high as possible.

Often, in that case, they will be able to jump around 10 inches.

However, if they are in movement or if they have space to gain momentum, they can easily jump to as high as 12 inches as well.

Thus, the space in the vicinity will determine how high the corgis can jump.


The age of the corgis also decides how high they can jump. If the corgis are older, it will become difficult for them to jump to a higher height.

The younger corgis can certainly jump higher.

These are the three factors on which the jumping height of the corgis depends.

Is It Bad For Corgis To Jump?

Yes, it is bad for corgis to jump. That is because the bone structure of corgis is not designed to handle the impact of jumping.

Moreover, with each jump, their bones can become fragile as well.

Once you know that jumping is bad for corgis, you would, of course, want to know how to stop it?

Worry not!

I will share multiple ways in which you can stop corgis from jumping.

9 Tips On How To Stop Corgis From Jumping

There are numerous ways to stop corgis from jumping. I will highlight these ways below.

Once you follow at least a few of these tips, it will become easier for you to stop corgis from jumping.

1. Use The Right Gear Around Your Home

With the help of a few things, you can easily discourage your corgi from jumping. Not only that, you can eliminate the places where your corgi can jump.

Pet Stairs

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Many times, when corgis need to reach higher places, they have no other option but to jump. In that case, you cannot discourage them from jumping.

It is especially true for spaces like Windows.

However, when you keep [amazon link=”B07HCXV4X5″ title=”Pet Stairs” link_icon=”amazon” /] around these places, it will become easier for them to reach higher heights.

When they have pet stairs to climb, they will not feel the need to jump around. It is the easiest ways to prevent your corgis from jumping.


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When you’re taking your corgis outdoor, you have to ensure that they walk around in a controlled fashion.

A leash is the best option to make them walk without jumping.

When they have [amazon link=”B076F7HM8T” title=”a leash” link_icon=”amazon” /] around them, they will strictly follow you in their walk. Moreover, a leash will prevent them from jumping around as well.

That is why; you have to use a leash outdoors compulsorily.

Pet Ramp

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Another piece of gear that you can use at your home is a pet ramp. A pet ramp will help your corgi walk around rather than jump around.

With the help of a [amazon link=”B088N6TX3V” title=”Pet Ramp” link_icon=”amazon” /] , they will be able to reach higher heights without any worry.

That is why; this is another gear which you need to include in your home.

Pet Gate

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Certain spaces in your home are such that your corgi will often need to jump around when he/she enters those spaces. It is good to prevent them from doing the same.

With the help of a [amazon link=”B000JJDI0G” title=”Pet Gate” link_icon=”amazon” /], you can prevent them from going to those areas.

If they need to navigate those areas at all, you can lift them and help them navigate those areas rather than jump around.

With these pieces of gear, it is easy to prevent your corgi from jumping around at home.

2. Encourage Presence On Flat Spaces

Corgis often jump when they are on uneven terrain or when they are on hilly terrain.

However, if you encourage them to be in flat spaces, it will become easier for them to avoid jumping.

They will always like to be around you. That is why, if you’re spending most of your time on flat spaces, the corgis will as well.

Thus, whenever you’re playing with your corgis, you have to choose the terrain carefully.

Only once you do so can you make them avoid jumping.

3. Encourage Corgis To Do Something Different When They Jump

Once a corgi jumps, the corgi will try to jump again and again.

The best way to prevent them from jumping is to encourage them to do something different when they start jumping.

The question is, how to encourage them to do something different?

The answer is to become angry or irritated when your corgi starts to jump.

Your corgi will undoubtedly detect your behavior and interpret it correctly.

Once your corgi knows that you are frustrated or afraid of them jumping, they will be discouraged to do so.

Once they notice your reaction, you have to ask them to sit, lie down, or head over to their favorite sport.

With the help of this step, you can move them away from jumping and indulge in another activity.

4. Ignore Their Jumping

Every time corgis indulge in an activity like jumping, they will, of course, observe you. If they see any validation, they will continue jumping.

Validation can be something like smiling, giggling, or asking them to jump once again.

On the other hand, when you ignore their jumping, they will stop sooner than later.

In most cases, they will not be able to understand at the start why you are ignoring them.

However, once you repeat this behavior when they are jumping again, they will connect the dots. After that, they will not jump at all.

They will come near you and try to spend time with you since you have been ignoring them.

This is another way to discourage your corgis from jumping.

5. Keep The Jumpers In The Pack Away

Do you have other dogs in your pack who like to jump?

If so, this step can certainly come to your rescue.

Many other breeds of dogs like to jump. While those breeds might not get impacted negatively when they jump, corgis do.

To discourage corgis from jumping, it is a good idea to keep corgis away from that breed. That is because sooner than later, corgis will certainly mimic those breeds.

If you keep them away, there will be no imitation, and therefore corgis won’t jump as well.

This, however, does not mean that you shouldn’t allow corgis to spend time with other dogs. However, the time should be controlled.

You have to limit it to 45 minutes to 60 minutes of playtime with the pack.

To compensate for the rest of the time, you have to spend more time with your corgis. That way, they will not feel alone.

6. Carry Your Corgi With You

When you’re taking your corgi outdoor on a trail or something like that, he/she is more likely to jump.

When corgis are walking over inclement terrain, it is a good idea to carry them.

There are various harnesses with the help of which you can easily carry your corgi with you.

When you’re carrying your corgi, the corgi will not have an opportunity to jump. Not only that, you can control the corgi in a much better way as well.

Thus, if you often go with your corgis on outdoor trips, it is a good idea to carry your corgi with you.

7. Do Not Force The Dog To Jump

What if you were making your corgi unintentionally jump?

Many times, your home, as well as your outdoor premises, is designed in such a way that corgis will have no other option but to jump.

You might not even notice it, but the setup around them might make them jump.

The best way to avoid this problem is to analyze the home as well as the surroundings.

You have to remove any things which might appear as an obstacle to your corgi.

These things include:

  • Unused boxes
  • Scattered toys

And so on…

Moreover, if your home is also cluttered with furniture, you have to reduce your furniture as well.

Only, in that case, can you be sure that corgis can move around rather than jump around.

With this simple tip, you will make your home more conducive for corgis to walk and run around rather than jump.

8. Train Your Corgi

Trained corgis are much better at following commands. Even if you do not follow the few tips above but train your corgis, it is easier to make corgis avoid jumping.

When hiring a trainer for your corgi, it is essential to make the trainer understand what you’re trying to achieve.

With the help of training, the trainer can easily discourage the corgis from jumping.

Not only that, but the trainer can also let you know the commands which you can use to stop the corgis from jumping as well.

That is why; you shouldn’t shy away from training your corgi.

9. Use Treats To Your Advantage

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The last tip you can follow to prevent your corgis from jumping is to use treats to your advantage.

Whenever a corgi jumps around and you use a command to make them stop, you can reward them with a treat when they do not jump.

Soon enough, they will associate the [amazon link=”B076M96F67″ title=”treat” link_icon=”amazon” /] with not jumping around.

You can also consult a trainer about how you can use treats to prevent your corgi from jumping around.

Treats are certainly a pretty powerful way to discourage your corgis from jumping.

With the help of these 9 tips, you can certainly prevent your corgis from jumping.


So, yes, corgis like to jump around.

However, rather than allowing them to jump around, you have to discourage this behavior.

I have also highlighted a few tips that you can use to prevent your corgis from jumping around.

Jumping is not conducive to their health, and that is why you have to discourage them from jumping.

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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