Do Bouvier Des Flandres Shed? (Solved!)

Are you looking forward to adopting a Bouvier des Flandres?

If you are, then I’m pretty sure you must have conducted thorough research about this particular dog breed.

You must now know the temperament, personality traits, and feeding requirements of Bouvier des Flandres dogs.

However, I am assuming there is one question in your mind that hasn’t been catered to yet: ‘Do Bouvier des Flandres shed?’

I’m right, aren’t I?

No, I am not some magician.

I just made a wild guess considering that if you weren’t looking for an answer to the question, then you wouldn’t have searched for this article in the first place.

So, if you are searching for an answer to whether or not Bouvier des Flandres shed, then cheer up because that is precisely what I’m going to discuss in this entire post.


Do Bouvier des Flandres Dogs Shed?

While most people consider the prior knowledge of how much their potential dogs will shed as an extra, it is highly crucial.


Because knowing how bad the shedding level of dogs is helps their owners to determine the effort, they will have to put in to control the shedding.

In the particular case of the Bouvier des Flandres dog breed, you wouldn’t undergo much of a hassle.

This is because the Bouvier des Flandres have a lower than average shedding.

The Bouvier des Flandres rank in the 3rd place out of the five scales of dog breeds that have the most little shedding.

And no, this is not my assumption!

This ranking is made by accredited pet expert organizations around the world.

While the Bouvier des Flandres dog breeds shed considerably less than many of the low-maintenance dogs like the Labradors and Retrievers, there are some catches.

Firstly, you will notice your Bouvier des Flandres shedding throughout the year.

It is, however, in most cases – bearable.

Secondly, you may get frustrated by seeing small but consistent shedding on the floor, couch, bed, upholstery, clothes, and even your hand after a while.

Nevertheless, once you get used to maintaining your doggie, you will notice things starting to get under your control.

Bouvier des Flandres Coat

The one thing that people ask me every single time they inquire about Bouvier des Flandres shedding levels is their coat.

This experience led me to answer this question to save you guys the hassle of typing a paragraph in the comments and then waiting for a reply from my side.

So, now that I have addressed all your questions ‘Do Bouvier des Flandres shed,’ let’s jump on to the next part:

The Bouvier des Flandres dog breed has a double coat: an outer coat and an undercoat to protect it from the harsh weather.

The outer skin is rough, shaggy, long, and coarse. The undercoat, on the other hand, is comparatively dense and fine.

Bouvier des Flandres’ coats require extreme level grooming.

In fact, their coats make the Bouvier des Flandres one of the highest maintenance dogs breeds to exist.

The dense fluff of their coats leads to the Bouviers getting dirty quickly.

You will find that even as little outdoor playtime as half an hour will result in your Bouvier returning with muddy paws, debris accumulation of his fur, and mud on his beard.

It’s a little off-topic, but it makes me think that the dogs’ alternative name, ‘Vuilbaard,’ fits their personality quite perfectly.

After all, the dogs do get a dirty beard which is what the term means!

How Do You De-shed a Double-Coated Dog?

Bouvier des Flandres Yorick39 (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Oh, come on now!

Just because I mentioned that Bouvier des Flandres require top-notch maintenance due to their coat doesn’t mean you drop the idea of bringing one home!

After all, all dogs shed, some more than the others, but there’s no way around it!

You can easily maintain a Bouvier des Flandres by de-shedding it after regular intervals.

Not sure what de-shedding is?

Okay, let me give you a brief overview before suggesting some savvy methods to de-shed your Bouvier des Flandres at home.

What is De-shedding?

Do you know why dogs shed?

Because they need to make space for a new coat to fill!

Now, some dogs shed throughout the seasons, while some in particular ones.

Since I already mentioned it, you must know that the Bouvier des Flandres belong to the former category.

Now, you, as a responsible pet owner, will have to remove your dog’s loose undercoat to prevent the poor creatures from uncomfortable itchiness.

This process of getting rid of the unmanageable loose dog hair is called de-shedding.

Steps by Step Procedure of De-shedding a Bouvier des Flandres

I guess you are now aware of what de-shedding is and how it relieves your dog’s off the uncomfortable sensation they feel.

If not, then read the paragraph above a few more times until you understand the concept.

I have mentioned the step-by-step procedure of de-shedding a Bouvier des Flandres for those of you who do.

Follow these steps and save your doggo from the uncomfortable sensation he undergoes while shedding.

Not to mention you will save yourself the time and effort to collect and get rid of the uncontrollable Bouvier hair.

Step 1:

Use an undercoat grooming rake to remove all the dead, loose hair from your Bouvier’s undercoat.

Step 2:

Remove the dead, loose fur from the topcoat simply by using a pin brush or comb.

Step 3:

Remove the dead fur from areas where the coat is thicker and longer using a slicker brush.

This may include the Bouvier des Flandres’ hindquarters and areas around the tummy.

Step 4:

If your Bouvier des Flandres has mats and tangles, work through them using a wide-tooth comb.

If the matting is on an extreme level, de-mat using de-matting tools.

Step 5

Give your Bouvier a thorough bath to remove any excess hair.

Step 6:

Run a bristle brush through its coat to give it a shiny look.

Tips for De-shedding a Bouvier des Flandres

Here are some of my expert tips for new Bouvier des Flandres de-shedding their dogs.

If you, too, are a first time Bouvier de-shedder, give these tips a quick read to make the process easy for yourself:

While de-matting your Bouvier des Flandres, pinch his fur as close to the skin as possible to eliminate the risk of cutting the skin.

Brush your Bouvier des Flandres at least two to three times a week to prevent mats and tangles.

Give the Bouvier a bath after de-shedding to wash out any missed hair. Use a coat spray or conditioners on your dogs’ fur coat.

Best Brushes for Double Coat Dogs

I know what you’re thinking!

That my information about brushes to use while de-shedding your Bouvier des Flandres is incomplete!

I did mention the whole procedure and stated which brushes to use in which case.

But what about noting which ones are the best to use?

Worry not, boss, as I have got you covered on that as well!

Listed below are the best brushes to use on double coat dogs, such as the Bouvier des Flandres itself.

1. Best Undercoat Grooming Rake

[amazon box=”B07P2N8HQH”]

First up, we have the Maxpower Planet, Undercoat Rake. This brush is perfect for brushing the stubborn fur of double-coat dogs.

Designed like a rake, this brush has rounded teeth that comb out the tangled hair.

The best part is that the Maxpower Planet Undercoat Rake is dual-sided, which provides double versatility.

2. Best Bristle/Pin Combo Brush

[amazon box=”B0743XVCMX”]

Your dog takes much of your earnings for itself, and you probably don’t want to spend more on his grooming items.

And so, I have mentioned in this list a 2-in-1 combo brush for double-coat dogs. The BV 2-Sided Bristle and Pin Dog Brush is a genius invention for everyday dog use.

The pin side detangles and removes the overcoat fur, while the bristle side helps give the dogs’ coats an overall lustrous appearance.

3. Best Slicker Brush

[amazon box=”B00ZGPI3OY”]

The Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is an excellent option for those looking for an affordable yet functional slicker brush for their double-coated dogs.

It helps collect loose fur and debris from areas that have a denser fur volume. I personally found the self-cleaning feature the most convenient.

Pushing the button on the handle pulls in the metal wires, making it easy for you to take the fur off the brush.

4. Best Wide-Tooth Brush

[amazon box=”B06ZZXF81G”]

No matter the shedding your double-coat dog has, the Small Pet Select Hair Buster Comb is perfect to de-fur him.

This fine-tooth comb catches the loose fur rather than pulling freshly grown fur out. The smooth rounded tips prevent wounding the dog’s skin even if he is resisting.

Try this one out once, and all your doubts will fly away like the fur of your double-coated dog once did!

Are Bouvier des Flandres Hypoallergenic?

A simple answer to a simple question: Yes!

The Bouvier des Flandres dogs are hypoallergenic.

While the dog’s double coat requires high maintenance, the same coat prevents triggering their owners’ allergies.

So, if you suffer from sinus issues, then the Bouvier des Flandres is the perfect dog breed to own.

It won’t leave you gasping for air or stuck to the nebulizer inhaling medicine in your lungs.

How to Live With a Dog You Are Allergic To?

Now just because you have specific allergies doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the pleasure of owning a cute dog.

It is possible to enjoy life with dogs despite being allergic to them. While it wouldn’t be the most comfortable situation, it would nevertheless be feasible.

Here are some tips to follow if you want to live with a dog you are allergic to:

1- Consult with a Doctor

It goes without saying that you will find the need to visit an allergist if you want to live with a dog that triggers your allergies.

You didn’t expect to enjoy the fruit without having to sow the seeds, did you?

Get prescription medication and allergy vaccines to lay off your allergic reactions to minimize your response to allergens.

2- Create a Regular Grooming Schedule for your Dog

While consulting a doctor is a precautionary measure on your part, this step involves some struggle on the part of your furry fellow.

After all, your dog has to play his role to get pats and treats from you!

Tamp down the allergens that dwell in his fur and skin by creating a regular grooming session for him. Include bathing, brushing, and conditioning your dog thoroughly.

Oh, and use high-quality bathing products.

Oatmeal shampoos, I have personally perceived, do wonders in controlling the level of the shed in dogs.

Don’t consider this an unnecessary expense, because trust me, you will spend a lot more on your anti-allergy medicines.

3- Get the Animal Tested for Skin Disorders

Moreover, get the animal tested for any skin disorders from a vet. Dogs with skin disorders are more likely to boast allergens.

So, keep any disease your dog has under control to minimize the risk to yourself and your family.

4- Restrict its Access to Your Bed

The most exposure to dog allergens is on the bed when the pollens are transferred to your bedding.

This doesn’t mean that you ban the little creatures from entering your room; it doesn’t!

Just reducing their contact with your bed would do!

5- Go for Hard-Surface Flooring

Do you know what’s worse than living with a dog you are allergic to?

Living with it in a carpeted home! Convert your carpets to hard-surface flooring; wood, tiles, marble, anything that would do.

Any form of hard surface, as long as it does not allow the transfer of allergens from your dogs, is perfect for allergy sufferers.

Just do yourself a favor and get rid of the carpet!

6- Choose a Dog Breed that Sheds Less than the Others

Now, this is a fundamental theory that dogs that shed less carry fewer allergens.

Just take your time in researching the different dogs that have moderate to low shedding to ensure that you don’t have to rinse your sinuses with saline on a daily basis.

If asked for my personal recommendation, I would obviously suggest adopting a Bouvier des Flandres.

To End the Note

Do Bouvier des Flandres shed?

Of course, they do! Now that you have ultimately decided to get a dog, there is no denying that you will have to deal with some level of shedding.

So why not bear with the most minimum level of hair on your clothes and furniture by bringing home a Bouvier des Flandres?

Hopefully, you got the answers to all your queries.

If you have anything else to ask, feel free to use the comments box below. Until my next blog post, Ciao!

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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