Why do Labrador Puppies Bite and How to Fix It?

Labrador puppies are notorious for the habit of biting everything that moves in the first few months of life. Although this may seem like aggressive or improper behavior, it is a natural instinct. The reasons behind this habit are even more natural and important. If you are worried about your puppy biting. Here are some things that you can also do to fix the Labrador Puppies Bite problem.

Labrador Puppies Bite

Why Do Puppies Bite?

First, let us understand the reason behind this behavior. Most Labrador puppies develop a habit of biting from around 2 to 3 months of age. This can last till they are 7 to 9 months old. The reason for this habit is entirely natural and healthy. In the first few months of their life. Labrador puppies start growing a full set of teeth that replace the baby teeth they had before. This new set contains more teeth than before and is more like the mature stage of the Labrador.

When this process begins, Labrador puppies find the newly emerging teeth uncomfortable and take part in an action called “teething.” This teething process helps the puppy relieve some of the newly growing teeth’ discomforts while also allowing them to adjust their gums as the new set forms and grows. This teething process is entirely instinctual and natural, and it has nothing to do with the aggression or behavior of your puppy.

How to Fix It

If your Labrador puppy has begun teething, here are a few steps you can take to help them with the process and avoid biting other people or children.

  • Get A Chew Toy

Labradors need to bite and relieve the discomfort of the newly growing set of teeth. You can address this issue by providing them with a toy that they can play with and bite all they want. This lets them complete their natural process without putting other people or the dog in harm’s way.

  • Use Chewy Treats

Labrador puppies are very fond of treats and tasty food. Getting your puppy a chewy treat such as beef jerky or a nice big bone can help them focus their biting and teething on the treat or the bone and avoid biting people or unsafe things. There are many such treat available easily on the market. Remember to choose sterilized bones if you are using some from your home kitchen.

  • Use Positive Reinforcement

Along with the material methods of managing your puppy’s teething. You can also use some psychological tools to help them manage their habit. Using positive reinforcement to inform the puppy against biting people is a great point to start. You can also reinforce their use of the toys or treats you select by making these objects available to the puppy when you notice that they are biting.


Bite is a natural habit for Labrador puppies in the early year of their life and should not be taken as a sign of aggressive behavior or issue. Enabling the puppy to complete their teething process safely is essential to their long-term health. You can use a combination of supportive and psychological methods to train your pup and teach them to avoid biting people and instead use the tools you provide them. With a bit of patience and love, you can help your puppy outgrow this phase and reach their well-mannered maturity.

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