Weird Facts About Dogs: Did You Know Any of These ?

Although they’re the recipients of universal affection, there are certain Weird Facts about dogs that many people don’t necessarily know about. Dog owners may disagree and they’re probably right. But, if you’re one of those who weren’t aware of these earlier. You are about to find out some very amusing doggy facts. The facts in question are unusual characteristics like the fact that dogs can actually smell it when the insulin level drops in a diabetic patient. They are capable of solving simple mathematical problems and have the same intelligence as two-year-olds. Maybe it’s that their sweat glands actually situated between their paw pads. Whatever it may be though, these small bits of trivia are sure to entertain you. Read the complete article to know about weird facts about dogs.

Weird Facts About Dogs

Strays of Moscow

It’s a known fact that dogs are some of the smartest animals. But these dogs in Moscow are something else altogether. Over generations, canines have learned to adjust to their urban surroundings. This is very evident from the ingenious strategies of these dogs. Certain packs had observed to strategically send out the adorable young puppies for more treats from humans. Although what is more surprising is that, these dogs have mastered the ways of the subway system in Moscow. They have an impressive knowledge of timing and a sense of direction. Which they use to travel across the city in trains.

Duke the mayor

Having the freedom to vote for anyone they wanted, people of the town of Cormorant. Minn elected Duke the dog as their honorary mayor. The election lasted five weeks and cost a dollar to vote in. The new mayor will be the recipient of a year’s supply of kibble. Donated by the local pet shop, as a handsome salary.

Canines and Consultants

Not unexpectedly, Google is quite an unorthodox internet company. Apart from frequent company summer barbeques to the free gourmet meals. Employees are encouraged to bring their dogs along with them to work. Understandably, the pooches need to have basic training and be well-behaved though. The overly aggressive and loud dogs asked for left at home though. To quote Google’s code of conduct, “Google’s affection for our canine friends is an integral facet of our corporate culture. We like cats, but we’re a dog company,”

A tribute from The Beatles

There are a lot of things dog-owners are willing to do to show their love and appreciation for their precious pets. On the receiving end of such a gesture was a Shetland sheepdog belonging to Paul McCartney. In the song “A day in the life” from the iconic Beatles, McCartney had added an additional high-pitched whistling sound that’s audible solely to canines, for his dog to enjoy. As far as a show of affection goes, Paul McCartney is top of the game.

Faithful companion

It is not unheard of for a dog owner to travel with their furry companion wherever they go. It is also not unheard of that, when told that they cannot be accompanied by their pets, the owners take serious offence and get quite cross. Something similar happened to the great Lord Byron. When he was told that his doggie was not allowed to accompany him to Cambridge Trinity College, he took an actual bear with him instead. Way to prove a point. This is why more places should switch policies to be more dog friendly.

Female magnate

Dogs universally adored creatures. Even the people, who are not that keen about animals, are the most tolerant towards dogs. So powerful is their ability to invoke affection in people that according to statistics men are more likely to get a woman’s phone number if they have a canine companion along. Studies say, that to a woman, a man who owns a dog appears to be more charming and responsible and hence more appealing. At the end of the day, “Dogs are a man’s best friend” indeed shows some weird facts about them.

Nature’s call

According to scientists, several mammalian species, including dogs, well known to have spontaneously aligned their body axis to the Earth’s magnetic field. The exact reason isn’t known but this habit, so to speak, is an indicator of magneto-sensitivity in mammals. Basically, it means that when dogs excrete, they prefer to do it in alignment with the Earth’s magnetic field. This is just one of the many fascinating practices of the animal kingdom.

Puppy love

It is a known fact that dogs can help people recover from a number of ailments, which even includes depression. Spending time with your dog can do wonders for your health. With their unconditional love and never ending companionship, dogs are incredibly affectionate creatures. In fact, in a recent study it said that you can reduce your blood pressure just by simply holding and petting your dog. Dogs can even detect changes in the human body which is why there are seizure alert dogs that assist patients on the onset of a seizure. In fact, their diabetic alert dogs can smell the special scent that is released when the insulin level drops in a human. Thus proving that a little time with your precious pet is all you need to feel better.

Self defense

Known to be great at multi-tasking, dogs are known to be good in a number of fields such as police dogs, seeing eye dogs, and even guard dogs. And centuries ago in China of yore, a Chinese Emperor had redefined the meaning of guard dogs. This is because as a last defense weapon, he had actually kept a tiny Pekingese dog in his sleeve. There isn’t much said about whether the Emperor the battle won or lost though.

Town celebrities

There is an old saying that, “Every dog has its day.” And in 1860 in San Francisco, a couple of stray dogs, Bummer and Lazarus who were the best of friends, became celebrities because of the bond the two dogs shared and also their hunting abilities. Their exploits together as best friends became a fixture at the city newspapers, plus given immunity against the city’s dog catchers, because at that time United States had a problem with free ranging dogs.

The boxer and the goose

When Bak, the boxer, was left blind after an accident a year ago Buttons, the goose, got him back on his feet and walking around. She guides him around by either honking to inform him of the way or by hanging on to him with her neck. According to their owner, they even chase the mailman together. With the adorable companionship they share, these unlikely best friends are an example of what friendship truly is.

Separation anxiety

If the situation calls for them to separate from their owners, dogs can get quite distressed and end up panicking. Technically known as separation anxiety, it is quite common among dogs. Most dogs do not like to be left alone as they experience the feeling of being abandoned. If before leaving, you keep a piece of your clothing that smells like you behind, the scent will comfort your pet and help control the anxiety. This is a great way to ensure that your pet does not feel anxious and abandoned but feels safe and comfortable in your absence.


Reportedly, dogs and humans have the same type of Slow Wave Sleep (SWS) and Rapid Eye Movement (REM). This means that just like humans, dogs can dream too. If you notice, while your dog sleeps, there are occasional twitching movements that occur. That only happens when your pet is dreaming. How fascinating would it be if you could ever find out what was actually going on inside your precious pet’s head while it slept soundly, lost in a world of dreams?

Obedience is key

Dogs make the best companions, understand some weird facts about them. Especially seeing eye or vision dogs who actually guide a human being through life by sharing their vision and sight with them. They can actually pee and poop on command so that their owners can clean up after them to their convenience. There is usually a phrase the owners use, “Get busy” being the most frequent, to alert their canine companion. Male dogs can even do their business without lifting their legs.

Marking their territory

As incredibly affectionate creatures, it comes as no surprise that dogs can be very territorial and possessive about their owners and adopted families. Recently, scholars at the University of California found out in a study that dogs can actually get jealous if they find their humans showing affection to anything or anyone else. Although their displeased reaction does not come as a surprise, what does is that jealousy is a specific human emotion. And for dogs to display it, it is quite intriguing.

Hope this article helps you in understanding the weird facts about dogs.

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