Teaching Dog: 10 Cool Tricks You Can Teach Your Pup

The adage ‘A dog is a man’s best friend’ is certainly not without basis. Loyal and friendly companions, dogs make excellent pets to come home to. They are a lot of fun, are usually extremely fond of their owners, and act as additional security against intruders attempting to trespass into one’s premises. However, what is just as fascinating is the fact that dogs are very intelligent creatures. They can taught to perform a large variety of tricks such as asking them to sit and stay where they are, or calling them. Not only is it very entertaining teaching a dog such tricks. But this training & teaching also helps the dog perform their various functions better.

Teaching Dog

10 Tricks You Should Start Teaching Your Dog Today

Teaching Your Dog To Back Up

This is an extremely handy little trick that basically teaches your dog to back away from something.
This is very useful as it allows you to tell your dog to reverse their steps should they be about to do something that you do not want them to, such as peeing on your carpet. The training consists of beginning with teaching the teaching dog how to stay when the owner asks it to. After which it is recommended to move away from your dog. After moving back a few steps, the owner must then proceed in the direction of the dog and ask it to back away.

Seeing the owner walk towards it, will automatically make the dog take a few steps back as a part of natural instinct. Should the dog do this, it must be told that what it did was correct to reinforce this particular behavior.

Teaching Your Dog To Take a Bow

This is a nifty little trick that is bound to impress others and make your dog smarter and more capable. Basically, dogs bow by allowing their elbows to lowered, which lets their chests hit the ground. All the while maintaining its posterior to be at the same height that it had been when it had been standing. A bow is a perfect thing one’s pet dog can do after showing off its various skills. In order to teach one’s dog how to bow.

A treat must then dangled enticingly in front of it and then the treat must brought lower. The dog will automatically try not to lose sight of the treat and as it is brought down. Will make sure it follows where it is going.
This will make it bow. The treat must then brought up again and if all goes well. It must given to the dog as its reward.

Teaching Your Dog To Shake Paws

One of the most engaging and friendly tricks a dog may learn is how to use its paw to perform a sort of hand-shake.
This trick may taught with greater ease than the others. The teaching dog is usually quite fast in learning their Teaching well. As usual one only requires some dog treats only. The dog must know when to sit when instructed. Then the treat must shown to it. After which it must hidden from the dog’s view by turning the open hand into a fist. Thereby trapping the treat and making the dog wonder where it went.

The dog must then asked to shake, all the while moving the closed hand from one side to another and making sure the dog’s attention remains on it. This must done until the dog starts trying to pry the treat from your hands.
When they actually touch the owner’s hand. The treat must surrendered to make it understand it was right in reaching out to you with its paw.

Teach Your Dog To Wave

One will not experience a lot of hardship in their attempts to teach their dog crates for labradors to raise their paw in greeting or farewell.This is a perfect trick with which the owner might start off a series of tricks the dog already knows.
The basic training one must ensure the dog possesses, before it is taught to wave. Make sure that the dog knows how to shake its paws with others.

Upon being asked to shake, the dog should obey and lift its paw to touch someone or something. Ensure that the object the dog is attempting to shake with is being raised. Thus causing the dog to raise its paw higher. The height required for the paw to lifted to must be greater than the height at which it shakes. When it raises its paw to this height, the treat must be fed to it.

Several attempts of this act, with each time making the dog raise its paw higher. Will followed by the wave command when the paw is raised.

Teach Your Dog To Speak or Be Quiet

A dog may taught to bark or remain silent at the behest of its trainers. While constant barking is very annoying, this trick to bark on command actually ends up accentuating its instinct to bark. This is a great safety measure as the dog, once trained like this, would alert the owner to any intruders by constantly barking when people try to break in. Although it is not easy, the dog may taught to bark as well as remain silent, when asked to do so. First a word should chosen that it can associate with barking.

Then another word must selected to keep it quiet. The teaching dog normal barks must given attention and then its attention must diverted. When the dog stops barking, the command to keep it quiet must said.

Teach Your Dog To Spin

A spinning dog is an incredible sight, but make sure you don’t make your dog do this too often.
The dog must asked to stay in one place and a treat must displayed and rotated around, so it has to turn to keep its eyes on it. After the dog has circled around once in its attempt to keep the treat in sight, this behavior must encouraged by then relinquishing hat treat to the dog. A dog may also taught the direction in which it must oblige its owner by spinning around. The treat, held in front as usual, must then rotated with the spin command also including the directions of left and right.

Teach Your Dog To Kiss

Big, wet, sloppy kisses are the best ways a dog may show its love for the owner. Children are overjoyed when dogs do this trick, which is comparatively easier when it comes to learning it. What will required is a treat that the dog loves, but may spread on the owner’s cheek. The dog must then asked to kiss the person with the treat all over their face. The canine will immediately go for the treat on the cheeks, licking it up.

A different method is to declare it to be kissing you when it is actually licking you for any reason.

Teach Your Dog To Beg

A begging dog is one of the most adorable sights, where it sits on the legs on its hind and asks for the owner’s attention.
This trick is among the ones that are harder to teach when one owns a dog. The dog must asked to sit commanded to seated.

The treat must near its mouth and slowly raised so that it lifts its mouth in trying to reach it. The owner must raise it so high that the dog must support itself on only its back legs upon which it lifts the rest of its body to try and get the treat.

Teach Your Dog To Roll Over

The act of a dog rolling around on the ground is incredibly adorable. However, prerequisites of this particular trick are prior knowledge and training of sitting and lying down. Again, the trick of rolling over is something that dogs usually take longer to learn than other tricks.

Teach Your Dog To Play Dead

One of the most elaborate tricks to ever teach a dog, the rewards of a teaching dog that knows how to play dead is immense.Apart from impressing others, such dramatic behavior is extremely lovable. One must begin by asking the dog to lie down, followed by the command that signifies that it should play dead. A treat needs to dangled near the dog’s nose and then shifted to one side, making it roll over once to get to it. Another helpful point is teaching the dog the trick of rolling over from before, so it’s easier to make it roll. Once the dog is on its side, its actions must affirmed by the surrender of the treat.

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