Owning a Labrador: Understand the Pros and Cons


When people think of owning a dog as a pet, most people instantly prefer to get a Labrador. Labradors have become the most iconic breed when it comes to friendly, playful, and beautiful pets. Labradors are though to be the perfect family pet and are well-known to be great with children and adults alike. But is a Labrador the right choice of breed for you?
Here we have compiled a list of the pros and cons that you can expect with a owning a Labrador as your furry friend.

Owning a Labrador

The Pros


Labradors are incredibly patient animals. Due to their breeding as hunting dogs, well inclined to have a stable attitude and can accommodate various situations and climates. Instinctively tuned to humans’ emotions and very skilled at following orders. And staying sharp, focused, and calm in most cases.


Labradors are incredibly friendly and can get along with other animals and humans very well. Although it is thought that Labradors are sometimes “too” friendly, that is not the case. Yes, Labradors are great at making friends with children and adults. But they are still territorial and protective of their loved ones and surroundings. That is why they make excellent companions for young children and are perfect as a family pet.

Easy to Train

Labradors were initially bred as hunting dogs, thus the name Labrador “Retrievers.” This makes them readily obedient towards commands as they highly attentive to their companions. Labradors also very easy to train as they have a good attention span and easily conditioned. This means that they can learn new commands and skills very quickly as compared to other breeds.

The Cons

Health Issues

Labradors are genetically prone to Obesity and are susceptible to other health conditions and diseases. They are fragile in terms of temperature tolerance and can not withstand very high or very low temperatures. Labradors are also susceptible to over-eating and canine diabetes, which can be challenging to manage and treat in the long run.

Hygiene and Grooming

Labradors are famous for their shining thick, and soft fur. But keeping their fur clean and healthy requires a lot of attention and grooming. Special diet considerations must be maintained to keep their coat soft and smooth, and hygiene must be paid special attention to decrease health risks. Labradors also shed their fur during the molting season twice a year, which can be challenging to manage for some people.

Physical Activity and Exercise

Labradors require intensive physical activity and exercise to keep their minds and their bodies healthy. As Labradors are an active breed, they need both mental stimulation and physical exercise to remain sharp. This is also required for the proper functioning of their immune system as Labradors are prone to falling ill after extended periods of low physical activity.

Additional Considerations

Labradors have unique qualities that are special to their breed alone. For most people, Labradors are the perfect family pet that can match the energy of young children. It is up to you to decide if Labradors are the right breed for you. Additional considerations can include the need for ample space for physical activity and exercise or the availability of parks and grounds near your house. Diet is another consideration that can influence your decision, as Labradors are sensitive when it comes to their diet and require proper diet management and control.


I hope that I have been able to adequately lay out the considerations you will need to undertake when owning a Labrador. As I said before, the final decision is up to you. Still, it is always better to take an informed approach when it comes to owning a pet as we do not support abandoning animals if you decide to get a pet and later find out that you can not take proper care of them.

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John Lab

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