Can You Shave Great Pyrenees & Does Their Hair Grow Back?

Like all breeds with origins in mountain and cold areas, Great Pyrenees feature a thick double coat.

One of the main reasons people fall in love with them is their lush white fur which makes them look like giant teddy bears.

Even though they’re known as fearless guardians, there’s no denying that these gentle giants are one of the most adorable dog breeds.

However, all that hair doesn’t come without some serious shedding.

Although they’re not among the biggest shedders, the Great Pyrenees still do shed quite a lot and will require regular maintenance.

Besides shedding, some owners also worry that their coats may make them feel too warm during summer.

Some think that the best way to keep them cool is to shave them.

Below, I’ll explain if that’s a good idea, does Great Pyrenees hair grow back, and provide other useful information about their grooming needs.


Can You Shave Great Pyrenees?

All double-coated breeds have two layers of hair to protect them from the cold weather.

Most of these breeds originate from areas with freezing temperatures, so this protection is necessary for them to survive in harsh climate conditions.

Nevertheless, the double coat also provides protection from hot temperatures in summer.

It traps the air and absorbs the excess heat, keeping the dog cool.

Shaving Great Pyrenees removes this protection and leaves them exposed to hot weather and even puts them at risk of suffering a heat stroke.

Besides keeping them cool, the double coat prevents the Great Pyrenees from getting sunburns.

They’re pink-skinned dogs and, similar to pale-skinned people, are very prone to sunburns.

The topcoat hair reflects the sun’s rays and keeps the skin protected from the sun.

Shaving your dog exposes the bare skin to the sun and can cause not only sunburn but also skin cancer.

Does Great Pyrenees Hair Grow Back?

Owners who decide to shave their Great Pyrenees usually think that it’s not that much of an issue as the hair will grow back.

However, this is not 100% certain.

While the hair will grow back, there’s no guarantee that your dog will again develop a fully functioning, healthy, and beautiful double coat.

This is more of a problem as a dog gets older.

In addition, you’ll probably notice that, as it grows, your dog’s hair doesn’t feel like before.

This is because undercoats and topcoats grow at different speeds.

Undercoat grows at a faster rate and your dog’s hair may be a bit sticky and Velcro-like soon after shaving.

It will likely attract even more dirt, mud, and grass than a fully developed coat.

Also, be aware that the growing coat doesn’t mean that there’s no shedding. Your dog will shed, only you’ll have to deal with shorter hair.

How Long Does It Take for Great Pyrenees Hair to Grow Back?

Once you shave a dog, the new fur will start to grow rather quickly.

In about 6 weeks, you should see a slightly fuzzy fur.

Two weeks later, it should grow to about half an inch, but still nowhere near a fully functional coat.

It may take more than 6 months after shaving for your Pyr to develop a new standard double coat.

This is often an issue, as most owners who shave their dogs do so right before the summer and the coat doesn’t have the time to fully recover before the cold days arrive.

How to Help Dog Hair Grow Back

Waiting for your dog’s hair to grow back can be rather stressful, especially for more impatient owners.

Luckily, there are a couple of things you can do to help the hair grow faster.


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First of all, you should alter the dog’s diet to conclude foods that are helpful for hair and skin.

This should [amazon link=”B088C2BBX6″ title=”include fish oil” link_icon=”amazon” /] and foods rich in Vitamin E and Omega fats. This should result in healthier and faster-growing hair as well as reduce skin inflammation.

Make sure to consult your vet about what exact food you should include in the diet.


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In addition, you can use shampoos that promote hair growth.

[amazon link=”B005CUTWDE” title=”Oatmeal Shampoo” link_icon=”amazon” /], for example, is known to help with bacteria and efficiently remove the dirt hindering hair growth,

Your vet should also have a couple of shampoo recommendations.


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Finally, make sure you [amazon link=”B00ZGPI3OY” title=”brush” link_icon=”amazon” /] your dog daily. Besides dirt and debris, this will also remove dead hair.

Plus, regular brushing will help spread natural oils across the coat which also helps hair growth.

Great Pyrenees Grooming Needs

While it may look like a lot of work, grooming Great Pyrenees and maintaining their abundant white coat is fairly simple.

This is because their coat is rather self-maintaining and rather resistant to matting and tangling.

They also do most of the cleaning themselves. Once the mud they pick up outside dry up, they’ll simply shed it of their fur.

Still, there is some work ahead of you. The main thing is to brush them at least once a week.

Set aside 30 minutes every seven days to brush them in order to prevent difficult mats and tangles from creating.

At the same time, as the hair covers most of their heads, check for the potential mouth, ear, or eye issues.

Keep an eye on your Pyrs declaw and trim it up when needed.

The Great Pyrenees don’t need excessive and frequent baths. Once every 3-4 months should do.


A lot of people shave their Pyrs with the best intentions.

They try to make them feel more comfortable in the summer, just as people feel more comfortable when removing layers of clothes in the summer.

However, dogs don’t sweat, and for double-coated dogs, their fur is their natural air-conditioning.

Getting rid of it will bring much more problems than benefits.

By shaving your Great Pyrenees during the hot seasons, you may put it at a serious health risk.

Remember that, while they like the cold, they are equipped to handle higher temperatures.

In addition, if you shave them, you can’t be sure that their hair will fully grow back and that they will once again develop a fully functioning double coat.

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Madeline Wright

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