Ariegeois Dog Breed Information & Facts

The Ariegeois is a rare dog breed commonly found in Southern France and has recently recorded its presence in Italy and Spain.

Although not well known in other parts of the world, they are loyal, family- and stranger-friendly dogs with little maintenance needs.

An active dog with a high energy level, the Ariegeois survived extinction through the deliberate intervention of dog lovers.

This article unravels everything you need to know about the Ariegeois dog breed information, facts, characteristics, temperament, behavior, gender differences, and more to help you decide if this is the right dog for you.

Key Ariegeois Facts and Information

Ariegeois Facts Dog Breed Information and Facts
Dog Breed GroupHound Dogs
Height20 to 23 inches
Weight39 to 63 pounds
CoatShort, fine, and thick
Color(s)White and jet black
Life Expectancy12 to 14years
Temperament / BehaviorAffable, attentive, energetic, trainable, hardworking
OriginSouthern France
Bred ForHunting and coursing
Nickname(s) / Other Name(s)Ariege Hound
Recognized by the UKCYes

Ariegeois Characteristics

  • Adaptability: Not much of an indoor pet. Would cope better after exercise.
  • Friendliness: Very friendly and affectionate
  • Kid-Friendly: Friendly and lively around kids
  • Pet-Friendly: Gets along well with other dogs and pets.
  • General Health: Only major health challenge is Hip Dysplasia
  • Grooming Needs: Has reasonably low grooming needs
  • Trainability: Easy to train
  • Intelligence: An intelligent breed
  • Playfulness: Very playful
  • Exercise Needs: Has high exercise needs to adapt better
  • Energy Level: Possesses high energy level
  • Tendency to Bark: More than average tendency to bark
  • Tendency to Drool: Average tendency to drool
  • Tendency to Snore: Rarely snores.
  • Tendency to Dig:  Likes to dig.

Interesting facts about Ariegeois Dog Breeds

Male Ariegeois Dog

1. Ariegeois breeds are sensitive to smell

Ariegeois breeds are classified under scent hounds. They are breeds of hounds that mainly hunt by sense of smell instead of tracking with their eyes. 

However, they need a high level of patience to be able to retain a trail of smell over an extended distance.

2. They have a Celtic origin

The Ariegeois is believed to have a celt origin. They were originally bred by the Indo-European people in part of Europe and Anatolia.

3. Ariegeois can accommodate visitors

Unlike so many other hounds, the Ariegeois can maintain a non-aggressive attitude towards guests or outsiders.

That qualifies them to not only be good guard dogs but makes them easy to have around.

4. They were almost completely wiped out during the second world war

The dangers that accompanied the war threatened the existence of not just humans but also dogs.

This nearly completely wiped out the Ariegeois dog breed were it not for dog lovers who intervened and established a breeding project. The program led to the recognition of the Ariegeois by the United Kennel Club in 1998.

5. They are good human companions

Evident in homes where the Ariegeois are domesticated, they offer loyalty and companionship to their human counterparts.

Ariegeois History & Origin

The Ariegeois is a hybrid dog breed that belongs to the hounds class. 

It is nicknamed Ariege Hounds and is so peculiar for its buddy-buddy attribute that it makes it easy to blend with humans.

Ariegeois origin dates back to the former administrative region of Southern France, around 1912, although speculated to have existed in Indo-Europe.

It is not so much of a well-known breed around the world.

Nowadays, this breed is being nurtured by Italians and efficiently used to ambush violent boars.

The Ariegeois hound is a crossbreed of the Grand Bleu de Gascogne, Virelade Hound, and Artois Hound.

To save the Ariegeois from extinction caused by the Second World War, they were recognized by the United Kennel Club in 1998 through the breeding program organized by dog lovers.

Ariegeois Temperament, Behavior & Intelligence

It is believed that hunting dogs are associated with aggressive behaviors, but it is not so with the Ariegeois. 

The Ariege Hounds are very much affectionate and so much playful, and not at all hostile to strangers.

They are clever and easy to train. With the Ariegeois intelligence, they can playfully trick other dogs and people to their advantage.

It is advisable to keep Ariegeois in check when outdoor as they may flee due to their interest in trailing smell even when it is not necessary.

Is an Ariegeois a good family dog?

Yes, the Ariegeois scores high as a good family dog. The Ariegeois breed is energetic, enthusiastic, and fun-loving around humans—and children are no exception to this.

However, the Ariegeois is not everyone but those experienced enough with active or hunting dogs.

Are Ariegeois good with kids?

The Ariegeois possess the high energy needed to be playful enough around kids. Their gentle and playful nature makes them suitable for families with children.

However, it would be best if you took precautions when your kids are playing with dogs to prevent accidents from happening.

Are Ariegeois good with other dogs? 

The Ariegeois is friendly and gets along well with other dogs, especially those that match their high activity level. Originally bred as pack dogs, they are playful and less aggressive.

Are Ariegeois good with pets?

The Ariegeois may seem a bit hostile but can be trained to get along well with cats. However, it is best to be careful when they’re around smaller pets.

Male vs. Female Ariegeois

There is a slight disparity in the male and female Ariegeois, which is not so obvious.

The male Ariegeois tends to grow a bit bigger than the female and weighs slightly more also. They both possess synonymous traits.

For the weight, a six-month-old male Ariegeois may weigh around 44.5pounds with 15 inches height, while the female Ariegeois will usually weigh around 39pounds with 14.5 inches of height.

Caring for an Ariegeois

The Ariegeois has different needs like feeding, exercise, training, health, and grooming to live happy and healthy. Caring for your Ariegeois means meeting their needs.

Ariegeois Food and Diet

High-quality meals twice a day is good enough for your Ariegeois. 2.5–3 cups in total.

You may feed your dog 1.5 cups in the morning and the remaining 1-1.5cups at night. You should adjust the serving portions accordingly as the dog grows.

Your dog’s food should contain many nutrients and not unhealthy ingredients with little or no nutritional value. Foods rich in protein and less carb are vital.

Ariegeois Exercise

As a high-energy hunting dog, exercise is a high necessity for the Ariegeois. 

If you’re planning to move into a small apartment or already living in one, the Ariegeois may not be ideal for you as they require a large and spacious yard for their high-energy activity.

Due to its high exercise requirements, this breed is not suitable for a new pet parent or someone with no experience active dogs.

Ariegeois Training and Socialization

The Ariegeois is an intelligent and active dog breed that is easy to train, and they can easily understand simple commands.

Socialization is essential for the Aregeois. It helps them see new places, meet new people, and also allows them to flow nicely with other dogs that you may have.

Ariegeois Grooming Needs

Coat Care

The Ariegeois coats are short and smooth, making grooming easy, and they molt moderately.

Their coat and skin can be tidied and kept clean using a firm brush with bristles.


It is best to give your dog a bath when they are dirty to control odor and not let them smell bad. Also, don’t bathe them so often so they can retain the oil on their skin.

Ear Cleaning

Ariegeois are prone to ear infections, so it is necessary to get their ears checked at least weekly to ensure they are healthy. Regularly cleaning the ears would prevent ear infections.

Paw/Nails Trimming

The Ariegeois toenails do not need to be clipped regularly as they are very much active dogs.

However, if you notice the nails growing out too long, you can clip them carefully to avoid injury.

Teeth Brushing

The Ariege Hound’s teeth require regular brushing. In the case of an unusual bad breath or other dental hygiene issues, you should seek proper veterinarian advice.

Eye Cleaning

Eye cleaning does not mean cleaning the eyes of your Ariegeois. 

However, you could clean the areas around the eyes with a wipe and remove the gunk with an eye comb. Be sure not to use your hands as that would be dangerous.

Ariegeois Health Conditions

The Ariegeois is a healthy breed, considering its history. With proper feeding, exercise, grooming, and health checks, they can live up to 10 to 12 years.

That said, they might be vulnerable to some health conditions like ear infection, hip and elbow dysplasia, and cataracts.

Ear infection

Symptoms to spot an ear infection in your dog include groaning, scratching at the affected ear, odor, dark discharge, and head shaking.

If left untreated, it can be severe and lead to facial stiffness or even deafness.

Hip and elbow dysplasia

Hip and elbow dysplasia is an abnormality that occurs in the elbow and hip joints. 

It is usually hereditary, and factors like overweight and wrong exercises can intensify it.


Cataracts in dogs occur when there’s an opacity in the eye lens. For the Ariegeois, cataracts could be a genetic predisposition. Surgical removal is the best form of treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Ariegeois right for you?

Ariegeois is very loyal, pleasant, attentive, energetic, trainable, and hardworking dog breeds—although they can be pretty stubborn. This dog may not suit you if you are new to pet parenting due to its high energy.

What are Ariegeois known for?

Although very loving and calm when domesticated, the Ariegeois is a good hunting and hounding dog with a strong sense of smell.

How big do Ariegeois get?

Ariegeois is a mid-sized dog breed. A mature male Ariegeois weighs about 62 pounds with a height of about 23 inches, while the female weighs around 55 pounds with about 21 inches tall.

Do Ariegeois like to cuddle?

Ariegeois are super active dogs that enjoy playing around in an ample space instead of being confined to an apartment, making them not so cuddly.

Is it hard to take care of an Ariegeois?

The Ariegeois is not a high-maintenance breed. However, you may experience a hard time with training—they may get too stubborn, frustrating, and require an owner who can match their activity level.

Pets generally have their loving side and then the overwhelming part.

How long do Ariegeois live?

The Ariegeois does not have a long life span compared to other medium-sized dog breeds. They have a lifespan of about 10 to 12 years.

How much do Ariegeois puppy cost?

They are found mainly in France and around Europe. As expected, an Ariegeois puppy could cost about $1,000 or more. This does not include the extra cost of spraying or sterilizing.

Do Ariegeois shed a lot?

Ariegeois are moderate shedders. Frequently brushing their coat keeps them healthy.

What does Ariegeois prey on?

Ariegeois were bred with professional hunting skills. In Italy, they are generally used for hunting wild boar and deer.

Wrap Up

The Ariegeois dog breed has a personality that makes it easy to get along with them.

However, due to their high energy level, they may not be right for you if you’re new to pet parenting or not an active person.

That said, Ariegeois are pretty good partners during exercise and other active sports.

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