Do Belgian Malinois Get Along With Other Dogs? (Solved!)

Many pet owners like to add a Belgian Malinois to their pack.

However, before you do so, it is time to understand how they behave with other dogs.

While Belgian Malinois are affectionate towards you and your family, their interaction with other dogs is a different ball game altogether.

I will today share the answer to questions like, do Belgian Malinois get along with other dogs.

Once you know the answer to this question, it is easy to understand whether you should add them to your pack or not.


Do Belgian Malinois Get Along With Other Dogs?

Generally speaking, Belgian Malinois can get together with other dogs after a while.

However, initially, they might not get along with other dogs right away.

Once they become familiar with the other dogs at your home, that is when they can get along pretty well.

The training of the Belgian Malinois also plays a crucial role when it comes to their behavior with other dogs.

If the dog is untrained, it can become tough for Belgian Malinois to get along with other dogs.

That is why; getting a trained one is the best way to go for it.

Before I share with you more information regarding the behavior of Belgian Malinois with other dogs, it is time to understand whether they get along with small dogs.

Do Belgian Malinois Get Along With Small Dogs?

Initially, Belgian Malinois might dominate other smaller dogs. They might scare the smaller dogs in the pack as well.

However, once they spend more and more time with the smaller dogs in the pack, they will become more social towards the smaller dogs.

The question which arises is how to protect your small dogs when you add Belgian Malinois to your pack.

I will highlight a few tips below which can help you with the same:

Spend A Lot Of Time With Your Belgian Malinois

You have to spend as much time as you can with your Belgian Malinois during those initial days.

When Belgian Malinois becomes familiar and fond of you, you can introduce the smaller dogs to them.

Belgian Malinois will seldom be aggressive around you. That is why they are likely to be more friendly with the smaller dogs as well.

Discourage Aggressive Behavior

You have to discourage the aggressive behavior of Belgian Malinois towards the smaller dogs.

You can discourage them with the help of your commands or by limiting their cuddling time initially.

Once you discourage their behavior, it will become easier to help them behave in a friendly manner with your small dogs.

Don’t Leave The Smaller Dogs Alone

You should never leave the smaller dogs unsupervised with your Belgian Malinois during the initial days.

That way, protecting the smaller dogs can become easier for you.

By following these simple tips, you can control or eliminate the aggression of Belgian Malinois towards the smaller dogs in the pack.

Are Belgian Malinois Aggressive Dogs?

Belgian Malinois have a high energy level. They do quite a few things to expend that energy as well.

They might move around briskly or might bark from time to time as well. This might be identified as being aggressive by some pet owners.

However, it is not aggressiveness. It is simply how Belgian Malinois expend their energy.

If you want to take care of this behavior, there are a few tips on which you can do so:


You have to play with your Belgian Malinois as much as you can. Once you do so, they will expend their energy easily.


Additionally, you have to help them exercise as much as possible. Once again, this will ensure that they expend their energy.


Even after following the above two tips, if they are still aggressive, you have to let them cuddle with you as much as they want.

Once again, this will reduce their aggression towards smaller dogs as well as towards other pets.

Don’t Ignore Them

Belgian Malinois are jealous as well. If you do not devote time to them but devote to other pets, they can become aggressive.

That is why you have to always ensure that you are devoting them proper time as well.

When you follow these four tips, you can reduce their aggression.

They will become much more friendly with your family members and other pets in your house.

How To Socialize Belgian Malinois

To help Belgian Malinois get along with other dogs, it is good to socialize your dog.

There are essentially ways in which you can do so:

1. Take Him/Her To Parks

The first thing is to take your dog to the park. In the park, the dog will come across other animals as well as pet owners.

When the dog comes across them, the dog will be comfortable around other pets and strangers.

Not only that, the strangers can interact with your dog as well. Consequently, it will become easier for your dog to stay comfortable around other dogs as well.

That is why one of the most effective ways to socialize your Belgian Malinois is to take him/her to parks.

2. Walk The Dog Around The Area

If you do not have a park in your area, you can walk the dog around the area.

When you do so, the dog will once again come across other pets as well as strangers.

This kind of activity and strangers in the vicinity will make your dog comfortable.

And in turn, you can introduce your dog to your pack; the Belgian Malinois will be comfortable around other dogs as well.

It is another way to socialize your dog.

3. Socialize Him/Her With Your Family Members

The last tip which you can follow is to introduce your Belgian Malinois to your family members. By socializing with other pets as well as with humans, dogs can calm down easily.

It is another way in which you can socialize your Belgian Malinois and ensure that they are not aggressive towards other dogs.

Want to know the breeds with which Belgian Malinois get along very well?

If so, I will share with you those breeds below as well.

If they are in your pack, you can certainly get Belgian Malinois for your pack.

Best Companion Dogs For Belgian Malinois

There are a few breeds with which Belgian Malinois can get along very well.

Take a look at the list below to know more about these breeds.

1. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky is one of the best matches for Belgian Malinois. Both dogs have many similar traits.

The first trait is that they are okay with working in a pack. Not only that, they are extremely determined as well.

Due to the similar traits, they certainly provide companionship to one another.

2. Golden Retriever

A golden retriever is another breed that is good enough for Belgian Malinois.

The golden retriever is a calm dog. Belgian Malinois, on the other hand, is more active and aggressive one.

That is why Belgian Malinois can easily calm down in the company of the Golden retriever.

If you’re not able to devote a lot of time to your Belgian Malinois, adding a golden retriever to your pack is certainly a good idea.

That will ensure that the entire pack calms down.

3. Labrador Retriever

When you’re looking for a suitable breed for your Belgian Malinois, choosing a friendly breed is a good idea.

Labrador retriever is one such breed.

When you introduce both of them, they are likely to become great friends. That is why, instead of showing aggression towards one another, they will certainly socialize pretty well.

In turn, your entire pack will become much more calmer as well.

That is why Labrador retriever is one of the best options for Belgian Malinois.

4. Beagle

Beagle matches the energy level of Belgian Malinois. That is why; they are perfect for Belgian Malinois.

Even though they are small dogs, their playful nature and friendly behavior are good enough for Belgian Malinois.

Moreover, they are low maintenance dogs, which makes it easy for you to look after them.

It is another breed that goes pretty well with the Belgian Malinois.

5. Border Collie

Border Collies, as well as Belgian Malinois, are quite intelligent and agile. Both of them have quite a bit of energy. Both like to explore outdoors as well as move around quite a bit.

They both can handle any kind of terrain as well.

Considering these common traits, they are great companions as well.

Border Collie is another breed that you can introduce to your pack when you have Belgian Malinois.

Thus, if you’re looking for breeds that can play with Belgian Malinois and be social as well, these are the five breeds that you should look out for.


Trained Belgian Malinois can get along with dogs pretty well.

However, untrained ones cannot. You have to keep this factor in mind before introducing Belgian Malinois in your pack.

Also, you can socialize them as well. My guide above can help you do all that and more.

Thus, if you’re planning to get a Belgian Malinois, follow the tips I have highlighted in my guide above.

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Madeline Wright

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