How High Can An Australian Shepherd Jump? (Solved!)

For many owners, the action of their dog jumping can be a frustrating problem. Not only can it deter some guests, but it can also allow your dog to jump over the fence.

If you plan to keep your dog in the yard a lot, it can be a challenge finding a way to keep your dog in.

Some dogs are naturally very agile, allowing them to clear obstacles like fences with ease.

They may do this either because of curiosity, boredom, or to chase after something they saw on the other side.

Someone looking to get an Australian Shepherd may wonder how high can these dogs jump.

This can help determine how high a fence must be so that your Australian Shepherd can’t jump over.

Please read along to find out how high can an Australian Shepherd jump, are they good jumpers, and how to stop an Aussie from jumping.


How High Can An Australian Shepherd Jump?

Australian Shepherd in an agility competition by Ron Armstrong (CC BY 2.0)

Australian Shepherds can jump as high as 4 foot in the air. Some Aussies have been reported to jump even higher than that.

As a result of how high they can jump, these dogs are on the list of the top highest jumping dogs in the world.

This remarkable skill makes them stand out in canine sports involving jumping.

It is always incredible seeing an Aussie jump, and these dogs are some of the toughest competitors to beat.

Some of the sports which Australian Shepherds excel at include high jump, agility courses, dock diving, flyball, freestyle, and disc competitions.

Are Australian Shepherds Good Jumpers?

Australian Shepherds are great jumpers. What makes this breed so good at jumping?

These dogs have an athletic and slim build which allows for a number of agile maneuvers such a jumping.

In addition, they are muscular and have strong hips and legs.

These help with fast acceleration and push the Aussie upward high into the air without much effort at all.

As well as being good at the act, Australian Shepherds enjoy jumping. They often jump out of joy, when playing, or when greeting people.

It is important to prevent constant jumping in the home, as the hard wood can wear down the joints. It is much safer to let your dog jump on grass.

Grass is softer, which makes jumping on it easier on the joints as it doesn’t put stress on them.

Do Aussies Jump Fences?

Aussies are frequently known to jump fences effortlessly, making them great escape artists.

Some Australian Shepherds can even jump a six foot fence, which is higher than they can jump in the air.

They do this by pouncing forward, and their jump allows them to clear the fence with much ease.

As well as that, these dogs can even climb very well. This is especially true in the case of your fence being a chain link fence.

As a result of their jumping, or even climbing habits, it can be hard for some owners to keep their Australian Shepherds in the yard.

Australian Shepherds naturally have a high prey drive, and this can incline individuals to jump over the fence in pursuit of other animals.

This includes small dogs, cats, squirrels, and even cars, which poise great danger to your Australian Shepherd.

On the other hand, some Aussies are just curious, and may jump over your yard fence to explore the area.

Whatever the reason, if your Australian Shepherd keeps jumping over the fence, it could pose a danger to him in a number of ways.

Your dog could potentially get lost, hurt, or even severely injured.

Due to this, it’s always important that your fence is higher than your Aussie is able to jump over.

How High Should A Fence Be For An Australian Shepherd?

A fence that a Australian Shepherd cannot jump over should be higher than 6 feet.

Anywhere between 4 to 6 feet is recommended, but over 6 feet will be the safest option, and prevents any risk.

How high your own dog can jump also plays a factor in determining your fence height. Some individuals may not be as good at jumping as others.

Also, if you own an older Australian Shepherd, he may not jump as high as a younger dog.

Nonetheless, a number of Australian Shepherds can jump 6 feet with ease over the fence.

If you live beside a busy road or in a city, it can especially be dangerous for your dog.

How To Stop Australian Shepherds From Jumping Over Fences?

Perhaps you do not have fence that is high enough to stop your Australian Shepherd from jumping over.

Or, your dog may be a skilled climber, and may climb up midway before making a leap over.

In any such case, what can I do to prevent my Australian Shepherd from jumping over fences?

Coyote Roller

[amazon box=”B089NX1KMM”]

To prevent your Australian Shepherd from jumping over the fence, coyote rollers can be very effective for this purpose.

Coyote rollers are aluminum ribbed rods which can be installed along the top of your fence.

These rollers spin upon the impact of your dog’s front paws hitting them, so they will just make your dog roll off.

This will prevent your Australian Shepherd from being able to get over.

While originally designed to keep coyotes out of your yard, [amazon link=”B089NX1KMM” title=”coyote rollers” link_icon=”amazon” /] are just as efficient in keeping dogs in.

Additionally, these rollers are easy to install, safe, and will not harm or injure your Australian Shepherd in any way.

PVC Pipe

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Manufactured from plastic, long lasting PVC pipes are very commonly used for a variety of purposes.

This piping system can be installed to successfully stop your Australian Shepherd from jumping over the fence.

Just as with the coyote roller, this pipe will only cause your dog to roll off when his paws make direct contact with it.

There are many types of [amazon link=”B00V67YXLI” title=”PVC Pipes” link_icon=”amazon” /], but the majority of them prove to be effective for jumping dogs.

Fence Extensions

[amazon box=”B083VPTD1M”]

Fence extensions or barriers can add up to several feet more to your fence in a simple way.

You can choose from a number of different [amazon link=”B083VPTD1M” title=”fence extensions” link_icon=”amazon” /] which match your already existing fence.

Some brands allow you to order your own custom fence extension.

These are great in stopping your Aussie from jumping over, as they will make the fence too high for him.

Wire Mesh Or Cat Wire Netting

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There are a number of ways to install any kind of [amazon link=”B01CDUJQIQ” title=”Wire Netting” link_icon=”amazon” /]. It can either be installed as an extension to your current fence, or created into a lean-in.

Both methods are fool-proof in stopping your dog from jumping over the fence.

Provide Enough Exercise For Your Dog

Sometimes your Australian Shepherd may jump over your fence because of not getting enough physical activity.

These dogs are highly active and energetic, and lack of exercise will only make them restless and bored.

As a result, they might be prompted to jump over the fence to burn off energy or see what’s on the other side.

If your Australian Shepherd gets plenty of vigorous exercise, chances are that jumping over the fence may be less appealing.

He may be too tired and prefer to rest rather than interested in escaping the yard.

How To Stop Your Australian Shepherd From Jumping On Guests

Just as Australian Shepherds like to jump over fences, a lot of these dogs won’t stop jumping up at guests.

This can especially be a problem if you have elderly or children coming over.

Your Australian Shepherd could bowl a child or elderly person over easily with his force.

Additionally, it is possible for his claws to come into contact with the lining on clothes, making it susceptible to ripping.

What is the best way I can stop my Australian Shepherd from jumping on guests?

1. Get Your Dog In A ‘Sit’ Position

As soon as your Australian Shepherd jumps up at a guest at the door, order him immediately to ‘sit’.

When he obeys, reward him to show him that you want him to remain calm when someone comes over.

Sometimes, if your dog is over excited, you may need to grip his collar and pull him down from a guest.

Only when he is on all fours, tell him to sit down and reward him for obedience.

2. Step Away Method

This can be taught before you even invite anyone for a visit to your home. You can use a squeaky toy or treat for this.

When your dog gets excited at seeing the toy or treat and jumps up, step away.

Move toward him again, and step away if you see him jump up. When he finally realizes you will step away each time he jumps, he will finally remain calm.

As soon as you see the desired behavior, give him the toy or treat.


In conclusion, how high can an Australian Shepherd jump?

Usually, an Australian Shepherd can jump as high as 4 feet.

However, these dogs are outstanding jumpers, and some Australian Shepherds jump even higher than that – up to 6 feet!

For this reason, it’s a good idea to install a fence over 6 feet to keep your Australian Shepherd from escaping.

What works best for this purpose is various types of piping. This includes PVC piping and coyote rollers.

Wire nets and fence extensions are also highly efficient.

However, sometimes just giving your Australian Shepherd plenty of exercise can make a huge difference.

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Madeline Wright

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