When Do Belgian Malinois Calm Down? (Solved!)

Belgian Malinois are extremely energetic dogs and as a result of this, they need plenty of exercise and activity.

They love to jump, run, and climb, this is especially true in the first part of their life.

An owner may find their new Belgian Malinois puppy is frisky, and filled with beaming excitement, animation, and life.

Puppy Belgian Malinois have a need for plenty of training to ensure they learn basic commands and good behaviors.

Their high bursts of energy may at times seem like they are very much out of control and may continue for numerous years.

Sometimes an owner may even wonder will Belgian Malinois always be so extremely hyper?

When do Belgian Malinois calm down?


When Do Belgian Malinois Calm Down?

Belgian Malinois usually begin to calm down when they are about 2 years of age.

This is because at that age, they are coming out of their stage of puppy-hood.

They begin to mature and develop into the adult phase of their life. 

As with all puppies, little Belgian Malinois will want to play for what seems like the entire day and get all your attention.

They may do everything just for their owners to pay heed to them, for hours upon hours.           

When they turn two, they will still be full of energy and vigor, which are personality traits that are natural to this breed. These characteristics they will possess all their life.

However, at 2 years of age they begin to calm down and want to play less.

Instead, owners will find that their Belgian Malinois has become more cool, composed, and reserved.   

They may become territorial, and as a result prefer sniffing around and finding new scents, or marking their territory.

At this stage of young adulthood, Belgian Malinois also become more confident, and may begin to be more social to other dogs.

On the other hand, Belgian Malinois that naturally have a more aggressive or wary personal may become cautious of strangers and other animals.

However, all individuals need socialization more or less because otherwise they could become too aggressive and could even potentially bite.        


A Belgian Malinois should in fact be trained from when he is still a puppy, but at 2 years old this training should not stop.

It is an ongoing process, as Belgian Malinois at the age of 2 are still young and developing, and thus need training.

Nonetheless, training your Belgian Malinois and teaching him things at this age can actually be easier and more enjoyable.

This is due to the fact that now your dog will be more mature, cool, and calm, so he will likely listen to all your commands.

They will be more keen on working with you and pleasing you than at their puppy stage.

It is true, as puppies Belgian Malinois can be very boisterous, easily distracted, and will want to play all the time.

Yet, as young adults, you will find that they will begin to co-operate with you and stay more focused and on task.

Their training will be critical for making sure they will behave good and will not become unruly in the next few years.

How To Calm Down A Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois by Karsun Designs (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Whether your Belgian Malinois is a puppy, a young adult, or older, at times you may find that these dogs never want to calm down.

They are of the herding group of dogs, originally bred for the purpose of herding.

Therefore, as shepherds, their energy and stamina were once an invaluable characteristic to them in their work.

It is for this fact that the police choose to work with this breed, as the energy and tireless stamina of this dog is exceptional.                  

Sometimes you may begin to wonder, how can I calm my Belgian Malinois down?

People that are thinking on getting a Belgian Malinois will need to especially prepare themselves for one thing.

With A Lot Of Exercise

That is, for the exercise they will need to provide for their Belgian Malinois dog.

If your dog is not physically exercised a few times a day, they will never want to calm down.

They will be full of energy and won’t stop running, leaping, jumping, and barking.

Exercise is a must for calming a Belgian Malinois down. This cannot just simply be a short walk or ramble every day.

It must involve running, going for jogs, or active games such as fetching or swimming.

These dogs require intense activities, such ones during which they will release all of their energy.

When a Belgian Malinois has had enough exercise, they will be tired and thus able to settle down. As a result, they will be happy to stay calm and peaceful.

They will prefer to rest and revive rather than act crazy around their owner.

These dogs also need not only physical exercise, but also mental exercise, so they will be more than happy to accept a challenge.

With Mental Stimulation

Perhaps if you find that exercise alone does not quite keep your Belgian Malinois calm, maybe they need more mental stimulation.

This might be done through interactive play, teaching new tricks, puzzle toys, or allowing your dog to explore.

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You could also hide some treats and allow your Belgian Malinois to look for them.

These dogs will likely enjoy this game, as they like figuring things out, and are great at tracking and sniffing.

An obstacle course can be a great option as well, as a Belgian Malinois will love anything to do with jumping and agility.

By Ignoring Them

Belgian Malinois that are acting overly hyper to seek attention or jump at people may need to be ignored.

This will show them that they will not get attention this way, and therefore will calm down.

By Keeping Them On A Leash Or In Another Room

While Belgian Malinois are often reserved and wary with strangers, jumping and frisky behavior can present in overexcited individuals.

If you find that your Belgian Malinois is more of the type that cannot calm down around new people, it may be a good idea to keep them on a leash or in another room.

This way they will be more peaceful in a situation like that. If you think your dog will listen, order them to lie down or sit in the presence of guests.

That way they can become more calm and relaxed. If they obey, be sure to reward them.

Belgian Malinois Behavior Problems

As with every other breed, Belgian Malinois too can have behavior problems.

These dogs can become very stubborn, and refuse to obey commands, which may be a big problem for the owner.

They may also become overly aggressive toward others and may need to be highly supervised by their owners when out in public.

What behavior problems are Belgian Malinois most commonly prone to?

  • Bad temper
  • Irritability and uncontrollable aggression. This may result in growling, fighting with other dogs, and even in biting
  • Fearfulness
  • Nervousness or anxiety
  • Dominance over household
  • Refusal to listen to commands.
  • Destructive behavior such as digging, chewing, or destroying furniture
  • Excessive barking and howling.

To avoid these problems in later life, a Belgian Malinois must be trained properly from a young age to follow basic rules and commands.

Without this crucial training, the dog might become increasingly more and more out of control as he ages.

Before deciding on getting a Belgian Malinois, you may want to find out, are these dogs hard to train?

Are Belgian Malinois Hard To Train?

Belgian Malinois are dogs that are not hard to train for most people.

This is due to the fact that unlike some breeds, Belgian Malinois like to learn and they like to perform tasks.

Their high work drive and eagerness to work and to follow commands makes them relatively easy to train.

These dogs have intrinsic motivation, and, additionally, always want to show off what they can do to their owners.

This is what makes this breed so unique and perfect for different types of services and work.

Their trainability can be used to teach them a range of different things which can then be used in all aspects of work.

As well as that, the Belgian Malinois is exceptionally intelligent, so they will learn quickly and efficiently.

A proper training regimen starting early in life is key to good behavior in later years.


In conclusion, when do Belgian Malinois calm down?

When they begin to come out of their puppy phase, which is at around 2 years of age.

This is when they become calmer, more composed, and more mellow.

Even then, to keep your Belgian Malinois calm you will need to meet all their high energy demands and exercise requirements.

This includes both mental and physical exercises.

Moreover, be sure to begin training your Belgian Malinois as early as possible, when they are still puppies.

Otherwise it could lead to a number of behavior problems in your dog.

This includes things like aggression or dominant behavior toward family members. 

However, this breed is relatively easy to train, and they will learn basics commands and rules fast and eagerly.

Therefore, it should not be hard for you to teach them things, but it will surely take dedication.              

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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