What is Dudley Labrador – Interesting Characteristics Of Them

We all know how much importance a labrador owns in our lives. The glorious labradors are close to our hearts, develop a great bond with us and become family members. The labrador comes in a variety of shades but do you know that the labrador’s nose also has different shades and colors? And the difference in colors makes a labrador a Dudley Lab.

Dudley Labrador

In the following article, we’ll discuss all those points clearly which you ought to know if you are a Dudley Lab owner or you are going to adopt the Dudley Labrador and which makes Dudley Lab so special. Let’s move on and try to know the salient features of the Dudley Labrador.

What is Dudley Lab?

It is used to say that black or yellow Labrador has a black nose while chocolate labrador has a brown nose but that’s not true. The Dudley Lab is a breed of a yellow Labrador who has no pigmentation around the nose, feet, and eyes. In others words, if a yellow Labrador has a pink nose then it is titled a “Dudley Lab” or “Pink Nosed Labrador”. It has a pink nose from day one and it grows pink more as it gets older.

From appearance to incredible personality, the Dudley Labradors have everything to like. It’s no surprise that they’re the most popular dog in America and most other regions of the world. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of a Dudley Labrador. Many individuals who have had Labs for many years are also unfamiliar with the word “Dudley Labrador”.

The name “Dudley” is taken from the name of the British town of Dudley, where the pink-nosed Labradors were produced. Therefore, now we use this term to describe pink-nosed dogs or those who have a lack of pigmentation on their nose. This term got popular from that day and we all started to use it to differentiate Labradors. The difference in nasal pigmentation comes from genetics. To understand it, we need to know a little more about the genetics of Dudley Lab.

Why does the Dudley Lab Have a Pink Nose?

Dudley Labrador

If we observe the puppies when they are born they usually have tiny pretty pink noses but gently with each passing day they start to turn into a darker shade and become brown or black. But a few puppies’ noses won’t change color, pink to black or brown hue, but they stay pink and even become bright pink as the puppy grows. All that happens because of genetic pigmentation.

Black, chocolate, and yellow labradors, all have different genes that make their nose color shades differently.  There are two types of genes, “Bee Genes” and “Eee Genes”, when these genes are combined together they react differently and result in different colors and pigmentation. The yellow Dudley lab may have any one of the three combinations of the following genes:

  • Genes eeBB
  • eeBb
  • Eebb

So, a Dudley Lab is the result of those gene combinations that its parents have and the nose of the Dudley Labrador remains pink for the rest of life.

How To Identify a Dudley Lab?

In order to identify a Labrador as a Dudley Lab, you’ll have to examine the mouth of the Labrador: open its mouth and try to distinguish or figure out the color shades of the gum line or gum tissue. If you see a dark tone color in the gum tissue that means the labrador is not a Dudley lab. In other cases, if you see light colors or pink shade in the gum line then you obviously have a Dudley Labrador.

There is a possibility that some labradors have a pretty pink nose but that doesn’t make them Dudley. Along with a pink nose, a Dudley Labrador has pink eye rims, pink gums, and pinkish feet. Furthermore, if your Labrador nose color changes in seasons that also means that It is not a Dudley Labrador but a typical Labrador.

For How Long A Dudley Labrador Lives And What are the Common Health Issues?

Well, if you take good care of a Dudley Labrador, it has a long lifespan. It stays alive and offers worthy companionship for 10 to 13 years.  As far as health issues are concerned, it has the same health issues as a typical brown, black, or yellow Labrador has like Epilepsy, Hip Dysplasia, Osteochondrosis Dissecans, Sunburn, etc.

The Dudley Labrador is more prone to get affected by sun exposure as compared to other common labradors because of its pink nose. The pink nose has a lack of pigmentation and as a result, it is damaged easily by the sun rays.

But if your Dudley Labrador loves to play in the sunshine and becomes more active or friendly in the sun then you must practice some precautionary measures. Before going outside, apply sunblock or sunscreen on the pretty pink nose of the labrador. Make sure that the sunscreen is specifically manufactured for dogs.

What Kind Of Personality Do Dudley Labradors Have? What Makes Them Special?


Like chocolate, black and yellow Labradors, the Dudley Labradors have high intellect. They are very shrewd and clever. They learn and adapt very quickly. Sometimes copy the actions of people around them. According to research, an ecologist Dudley Labrador can collect twenty-six thousand bottles willingly at the age of six.


The Dudley Labradors are very good dogs like common Labradors. They are capable learners. These labradors respond to education very well. They are naturally obedient and love to learn new things.  A labrador puppy learns to sit, stand, and do other simple gestures very easily. Even a labrador tries to understand the simple words. In addition, it can learn commands very fast and remember them for a long time. The education will exceptionally go very well if you praise your puppy with love and treats.


The Dudley Labradors, including other labradors, are human-oriented. They love their owner and also love their family members equally. They happily entertain babies and love to play with children. Moreover, they become desperate if they are lonely and they miss their owners if they leave for a long period.  


The labradors are sociable dogs. They generally show and greet hospitality. They can easily recognize positivity and praise that with their actions. Thanks to the sociable and iconic personality of labradors they positively affect those around them, they calm you down and relieve your stress. This breed is best for lonely people. Give them love, attention, and care, they will return to you.


It is active and easygoing. They used to be happy to take a long run. The Labradors need positive, active, and sociable owners. It will be a striking bonus if you have a big family. In this way, you can share all the care, love, and attention that Labrador demands. As a result, the dog not only will learn quickly but will become loyal to you. Furthermore, a Labrador can make a lonely person laugh much brighter.


The Dudley Labradors usually have yellow coats. The shade of the yellow color depends on genetics. It can be a pale, cream, dark, or red shade. They have short and straight fur that is densely packed for a stunning coat.

Body Structure:

If we talk about the body structure of the Dudley Labradors, they are medium to large dogs weighing between 55 and 80 lbs. They approximately measure 21 to 24 inches in height. They have muscular limbs and wide chests that make them unique.

Eyes Shape And Colors:

The color of the eyes depends on the genetics of the Dudley Labradors. They have oval eyes and they are wide-set on the face. In many cases, the hypopigmentation that presents in the pink nose also affects the eyes and as a result, the eyes’ color turns to light blue. Yellow, hazel, or brown, the Dudley Lab may have any eye color.

Head and Facial Features:

The Dudley Lab has facial features like any other Labrador Retriever and has a narrow, long snout and wide cheeks. Further, The ears are large and floppy like all other Labradors.

After discussing everything in detail that makes a Dudley lab special, we are at that point where we must know how to look after the Dudley Labradors, how to groom them, and how to maintain their personality in a productive way.

Grooming: How You Can Make your Labs More Charming and Handsome:

Dudley Labrador

After owning a Dudley Labrador it becomes our responsibility to take extraordinary care of our labs. Among all responsibilities, the foremost and important duty is to groom them, take care of their special needs, give them an extra dose of pure love and affection. Let’s have a deeper look at all those steps which will enhance the personality of your Dudley Labradors. Along with grooming, we will look at how to deal with the shedding.

Schedule The Brushing:

Like other Labradors, the Dudley Labs also sheds: sheds moderately to heavily. If you don’t want to see your house as a furry hub then you must brush your lab coat three times a week. Just make a schedule and follow that. It’s all about Labs and hygiene.

Schedule A Shower Time: Reward Your Labs With A Relaxing Shower:

Dudley Labrador

Dudley Labradors love water and feel a different kind of happiness in the water. Does it mean you should shower them daily? No,  sometimes the Dudley Labs have very sensitive skin and chemicals that are present in Dog’s shampoo may cause damage to your furry friend. Therefore, try to shower them once a month. Moreover, your dog’s shampoo must clean your lab properly by conditioning, eliminating odors, and relieving itchiness.

Pink Nose And Paws: Groom your Labrador to Perfection:

As we have mentioned earlier, the Dudley labs have sensitive pink noses and they easily get affected by sun exposure. The issues which they mostly have because of the sensitivity and lack of pigmentation are sunburn and hyperkeratosis. Hyperkeratosis is a condition that develops into a pink nose and paws; excess keratin is developed in this skin condition. It thickens and hardens the skin which later turns into cracking and other infections.

Therefore, you should buy a good nose balm to maintain the smoothness and ensure the protection of the pretty pink nose. Along with this, there is a need to invest in the paw balm that will prevent the labs from cracking skin conditions and other infections.

Epic Treats For The Dudleys:

From small to giant Labradors, they love treats. Whether you want to train your Dudley labrador puppy or want to refine the old Labrador’s behavior, treat works like magic. Labradors learn commands quickly and the process to understand the gestures gets quicker with the aid of treats.  There are two types of treats, low-value treats, and high-value treats. And the best treatment is the mixture of both low and high-value treats. Remember, before rewarding them with treats, observe their responses.

Dudleys Treats Must Have The Following Features:

  • The size of the treats must be small. Because the Labradors eat the small treats quickly and such treats do not distract them from the training. If you offer them a large size treat then they’ll forget the recent activity and start to eat the whole thing.
  • The second trait which a treat must have is convenience. The treats must be convenient to carry in the pocket or bait back. It must not be greasy or sticky so that it can retain its original shape. 
  • Moreover, Dudley’s treats must be healthier as well. You can give extra supplements to your Labradors which have good taste, aroma, and energy potion as well. The delicious treat will excite your labradors and will work as a reinforcement tool during training.

Which Things Your Labrador Must Not Intake:

What is good for humans is not good for dogs. An unhealthy diet can lead to stomach disorders, obesity, and pancreas disease. And the following products are harmful to the Dudleys.   

  • Salty And Spicy: Labradors like other dogs do not need flavor enhancers, they already have a great appetite regardless. So, salty, spicy, and smocked food for Dudleys is poisonous. Because a Labrador doesn’t like sausages and flavor enhancers; these may cause pancreas, liver, and joint-related disease. Such foods are also very fatty and have dense calories, this means extra pain in your labrador hips. It also causes water imbalance and increases blood pressure.
  • Starch: The second unhealthy food is “Starch”, The labradors will be more than happy to treat themselves with the yeast bread. They swallow them instantly without even chewing them, when the scratch reaches the stomach then the problem begins. The labrador can not digest them well. Yeast causes fermentation and gases. So, the dogs get painful colic cramps in the stomach then constipation, and sometimes later it may turn to rupture of the intestine walls. So if you want to treat your lab then treat with a dried biscuit or flatbread with no yeast.
  • Milk: The third place for unhealthy food for the Dudley Labradors goes to “Milk”. A puppy or young Dudley can get benefits from cow’s milk. It is the source of calcium, protein, and vitamins. There is a lactose ferment in the puppy’s body which decomposes this product easily. But as the puppy grows, the lactose production gets slower and slower. Even a six-month-old Dudley Labrador can not digest milk. As a consequence, Dudley gets an allergic reaction, digestive disturbance, and sometimes urolithiasis complications.
  • Sweets: The place of dangerous food For Dudleys goes to sweets, we are talking about candies, cookies, cake, caramel, chocolates, and other stuff that contains large amounts of conventional sugar. Sweets harm dogs’ health as it harms the human body. Sugar destroys teeth, leads to obesity and diabetes. Chocolate is especially dangerous for Dudley Labrador including other Labradors. It causes seizures, worsening heart failure, and this poisoning product might lead to death.
  • Tubular Or Fish Bones: The first place of prohibited products goes to “Tubular or Bones”. Which bones? beef, birds, fish, cooked or raw bones. Bones cause trauma to the intestine and esophagus. So it is better to stop bones from being included in the Labrador’s diet.

Of Course, everything that is unhealthy to Dudley Labradors will be dangerous for other dog breeds. It can be more dangerous for some breeds and less dangerous for others.

Thinking about Getting The Ownership of The Dudley Labrador?

If you are going to buy a human-oriented Dudley Lab then you must keep in mind all of the above-mentioned pieces of information.  Let’s have a quick recall:

  • The Dudley lab is a brilliant breed of dog.
  • It is blessed with high intellect, learnability, social ability, capability.
  • It demands dedicated time, love, and affection and returns all that to you.
  • Dudley brings a breeze of happiness, and companionship to the life of lonely people.
  • Dudley Labs must be protected from direct sun exposure, if they enjoy the sun you should use animal sunscreen.
  • To prevent them from itching, irritation, and ball odor, use the best quality conditioning shampoo.
  • The owner of the Dudley Lab must be active, sociable, and energetic. He must have a loving and caring personality.
  • Though Dudley Labrador has everything that a loyal and best dog must have, it is not best for shows. If you want to take your labrador to a show then you must not buy it.

How Are Dudleys Different From Other Labradors?

The only thing which makes Dudleys unique and different is its nose, eye rims, pink paws, gum lines, and pink gum tissues. Yes, the pink nose, eye rims, paws, and gum tissues are the main distinguishing features that differentiate them from other Labradors.

They have the same learnability, adaptability, and intellectuality. In addition, the different coat colors do not affect the personality and temperament of the Labradors.

How Much It Will Cost To Buy A Glorious Dudley Labrador?

Indeed, this breed of Dudley Labrador is brilliant to have and the cost of the Dudley Labrador depends on the breeder. If you become successful in finding a good and honest breeder then you will be able to get your Dudley Labrador at a fair price.


To summarize, Dudley Labrador is a unique and rare breed of dogs. It has a positive personality to love and get love back. The lab is the best loyal companion with the traits of marvelous intellectuality, stunning memory power, and quick adaptability. It is a must-have breed of dogs to bring joy and happiness into your life. For the first few years, it will be expensive but it’s worth having to keep this rare breed of a labrador. If you want to know more about the Dudley Labradors, feel free to contact us. We’ll love to have a discussion with you.

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