How Big Will labrador Get? FAQs About Labrador Growth

when do labrador retrievers stop growing

If you have a Labrador Retriever in your midst, then you already know that they come from a line of big dogs. But how big exactly do Labradors get? When do they stop growing? How quickly do they grow?

Well, we have answered all these questions and more about your growing Labrador Retriever in this article.

Let’s get to it.

How Big Do Labradors Get?

As a member of a large dog breed, your Labrador Retriever can grow up to 22.5-inches to 24.5-inches tall and weigh 65-80  pounds if they are male. Most female Labs will grow up to 21.5-inch to 23.5-inch tall and weigh 55-70 pounds.

In some cases, a male Lab can even be twice the size of a small female counterpart.

However, not every Lab will be that size. Some puppies will be runts, which means they could be smaller than average when they are adults. There are also times where your Lab could be taller.

Additionally, the weight can greatly vary, especially since Labradors are very hungry dogs.

However, make sure you do not let your Labrador get overweight. Obesity makes your dog more prone to disease and can shorten their lifespan.

How Fast Will My Lab Grow?

Most Labrador puppies will have similar growth patterns. They may have the biggest growth spurt when they are 1-2 months old.

They may gain the most weight when they are 4-5 months old. However, their weight gain usually slows down when they turn 6 months of age.

How Long Will It Take for My Labrador to Be Fully Grown?

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