How To Adopt A Rottweiler? (All You Need To Know!)

Buying a dog from a breeder has its advantages and for many potential owners, that’s the way to go.

However, adopting or rescuing can be life-changing both for you and the pooch whose life you’ve saved.

There are millions of homeless dogs of all ages, and breeds up for adoption at shelters, pounds, and rescue centers.

Most of them will make great family pets and faithful companions even though their background information is often not available.

Many already have some training and have had all their vet work done.

Still, some people are wary of adopting a dog, especially when it comes to larger breeds, such as Rottweilers.

They can often be hard to handle, particularly for inexperienced owners.

For those who want a rescue Rottweiler, but are still on the fence about it, I’ll explain how to adopt a Rottweiler and answer the common equations potential owners may have.


How To Adopt A Rottweiler?

Although owning a Rottweiler is incredibly rewarding, it should be taken seriously. Rottweilers are big, strong, demanding, and if poorly trained, rather unpredictable.

So, if you’ve decided to adopt one, make sure that you’ve made an informed decision.

Before starting the adoption process, you should put a lot of thought into all the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Rottweiler.

Also, you should honestly assess your living and family situation, previous dog experience, and what type of owner you are.

Perhaps most importantly, be clear on what you want from the dog.

Answering these questions could make a difference between getting a loving family member that will enrich your life or dealing with a nuisance that will make everyone’s life harder.

Rushing into the adoption process without previously thinking it through is the main reason why there are so many homeless Rottweilers.

Do Your Research

Ideally, before adopting a Rottweiler, you should have some experience with the breed.

Novice owners may find them to be a handful as Rottweilers are a powerful, large, and strong-willed breed.

In addition, when adopting, you may not have all the information on the history, behavior, and traits of the dog.

If you haven’t owned a Rottweiler before, but still have your heart set on getting one, at least do your homework and get as much information on the breed as possible.

Try to find other owners and seek advice. The shelter staff will also likely be able to provide some useful insight.

Of course, make sure to scour the internet and learn everything you can about this breed,

Visit forums and social networks groups that gather the Rottie owners and see what are their experiences with this breed.

What You Should Know About Rottweilers Before Adoption

As I already said, Rottweilers’ traits make them perfect for some types of owners and less than ideal for others.

They’re incredibly loyal, form a strong bond with their owners, and love spending time with them and their families.

Also, they have strong protective instincts and will fiercely defend their owner when they feel danger.

Furthermore, they’re generally very affectionate, playful, and often goofy.

If properly socialized, Rottweiler will get along great with kids and other animals in the household.

On the other hand, they have some aggressive tendencies, which can be an issue if you adopt a poorly trained and socialized dog.

Also, they’re strong-willed, sometimes stubborn, and like to have things their own way.

For this reason, need a calm and assertive owner and should live in a well-structured environment.

Finally, don’t forget to think about their size and strength, as they are among the most powerful breeds.

Ask Yourself Why Do You Want A Rottweiler

After gathering all the important information, make sure that you’re getting a Rottweiler for the right reasons.

If you want a Rottie so you can look “tough”, improve your social status, or post pictures on Instagram, you should probably stay away from this breed.

Getting them for the wrong reasons usually leads to neglect and poorly treated and ill-behaved dogs.

Rottweilers should definitely be near the top of your list if you’re looking for a faithful and loving companion.

They will offer their unwavering loyalty and gladly join you for any activity.

Rottweilers are also a great choice for people looking for a dog that will protect them, their family, and their property.

They have a long history of being guardians and natural protective instincts.

Furthermore, they’re rather reserved towards strangers and very alert which all makes them great watchdogs.

Should You Adopt A Puppy Or Adult Rottweiler?

The decision whether to adopt a puppy or adult Rottweiler should be made after careful consideration.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages and you should decide based on your family situation and previous experience.

Getting a puppy will allow you to start with a clean slate and train the dog from scratch.

This will likely lead to more training success, as the earlier you start, the better.

Also, you can start to socialize the dog while still young and get it used to other people, and other household pets if you have them.

On the other hand, Rottweiler puppies are rather nippy and love to bite, which can be a problem with small children.

Plus, they like to chew anything they can get their hand on.

Adult Rottweilers have typically outgrown these types of behaviors and are more calm and collected.

Furthermore, older dogs are commonly already house-trained.

Should You Adopt A Male Or Female Rottweiler?

One of the items on the “how to adopt a Rottweiler” list is deciding whether to go with a male or female dog.

While they share most traits, males and females still differ a bit. Firstly, males Rottweilers are bigger and stronger.

They also exhibit more dominant behavior and can show signs of aggressiveness more often.

On the other hand, females are less stubborn, easier to handle, and more obedient. They’re more even-tempered, affectionate, and less difficult to house-train.

Whichever you chose, know that both males and females are very energetic and strong-willed, so proper training and socialization are a must.

Adopting A Rottweiler From Dog Shelter Or Rescue Group

Once you’ve finally decided to adopt a Rottweiler, you still have to find the right place to adopt it from.

Commonly, you’ll have a wide choice of shelters, pounds, and rescue groups.

Still, you should ask around and do an online search to see which are reputable and trusted by dog owners.

Once you meet the dogs, there’s no need to hurry with selecting the right one.

Shelter staff will likely be more than happy to help and most of them will ask you to provide various information on your previous experience with dogs and living arrangements, so they can match the dog with an appropriate owner.

Good shelters will have all dogs spayed/neutered, heartworm tested, up to date with vaccinations, and microchipped.

Whenever possible, they will also go through basic training and socialization.

Preparing For Rottweiler’s Arrival

Rottweilers are huge and very active dogs, so having one in your household will require some adjustments.

They will need a lot of room and it’s preferable to have a house with a yard. If not, be prepared to frequently take them out so they can get enough exercise.

Designate an area within your home that the dog will be able to call its own and feel safe and comfortable.

The yard needs some preparation, too. The fence must be high enough and without holes.

Make sure that you have time in your life to dedicate to your new dog, as Rottweilers are a rather demanding breed.

Try to inform all family members what to expect and how to treat the new dog.

Also, it’s a good idea to select a vet for your Rottie to make sure they get all their shots in time and stay healthy.

How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Rottweiler?

Adoption is cheaper than buying from the breeder, but it still comes with certain costs.

Most shelters will charge an adoption fee to cover the cost of caring for the dogs. These costs usually include shots, microchipping, testing, food, and other items.

Depending on the shelter and the dog’s age, these fees may vary but are commonly in the $100-400 range.

Be aware, that owning a dog involves more cost than just the adoption fee. Rottweilers are big and eat quite a lot, so dog food will be a significant expense.

You will also have to pay for regular vaccination, vet check-ups, and flea and tick prevention.

Then, there are costs for things like grooming equipment and toys.

In total, you can count on spending at least $100 per month on your Rottweiler, but this amount can go up to $300, especially as the dog gets older.


Unfortunately, finding a Rottweiler in a dog shelter or adoption center is not too hard.

They’re one of the breeds that owners most frequently give up on, for a variety of reasons.

You should definitely keep that in mind when planning to adopt one.

Rotties will not suit every owner and having one of them in your household will require some adjustments and a fair share of your time.

However, for a proper owner, there’s hardly a more rewarding breed than the Rottweiler.

They will be loyal, loving, hard-working, playful, protective, great with kids, and eager to join in any activity you and your family have planned.

Pretty soon, you won’t be able to imagine your life without your Rottweiler. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve saved a life.

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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