Dog Names and the Best Ideas on How to Name Your Labrador

How to name your Labrador Retriever is one of the things you most likely consider as a pet owner.

After all, you want to take naming seriously since that’s the name you’ll be calling your Lab from now on.

In this article, we’ll cover name suggestions and how to name your Labrador.

Let’s take a look.

Choosing a name for your Labrador

Just like with human babies, picking out a name for your Lab can be an overwhelming process at first.

Given that you’re looking at calling them that name for at least 10 years, it is vital that you known how to name your Labrador.

Hence, try not to get too overwhelmed and focus on what’s really important.

After all, the name is probably more important for pet owners than for your Labrador Retrievers themselves.

Make sure that you pick out a name that you’re comfortable with. Aside from that, you must really like it not just at the moment, but in the future as well.

There are varying trends when it comes to naming pets. One might think that using human names as pet names would be the most popular; after all, we hear a lot of human names used as names for pets these days.

However, while the use of human names is certainly prevalent in English-speaking countries, it is not always the case

In Taiwan, for example, this study focused on looking at pet-naming trends involving cats and dogs.

The researchers found that owners weren’t really inclined to use human names as pet names. The truth was, they liked terms of endearment much better.

Conventional vs unique names for Labrador Retrievers

Many pet owners prefer to go with the most conventional names, such as those from the most popular lists of dog names.

However, there are also other fur parents who like to have unique names for their Labradors.

You can name your Lab after an obscure movie or book character that you really love, as an example.

The bottom line is that you have a lot of options, and determining. First which major path you’d like to take with the name is helpful in the process of how to name your Labrador Retriever.

If you want to go the conventional route, then picking a human name is the best way to go.

Names like Zoe, Bella, Sophie, and Lacey are some of the most popular names for female Labs.

On the other hand, conventional names for male Labs can be Max, Buddy, Cooper, and Carter.

You’re most likely to go for these conventional names. If you have an emotional connection to a certain name, or you are using the name as a memory for a loved one.

Nonetheless, even if these are conventional names for dogs, you have a wide variety of names to choose from.

For instance, giving your Labrador a first name, middle name, and last name is a popular (and fun) response to how to name your Labrador.

Some pet owners even like to name their Labrador Retrievers after their favorite kind of food or drink. While others like to name their dogs from an entirely different species.

You can play around with the names as much as you want. Just make sure that you are comfortable with it, and that you’ll be able to use the name in your Lab’s daily life. 

How to name your Labrador Retriever

There are so many ways and motivations that you can possibly have for naming your Lab:

1) Name your Labrador after an important person in your life (sentiment)

You can name your Lab in honor of the memory of a loved one who is dear to you, such as your great-grandfather.

Since sentiment is an important part of human life, using it as a motivation for picking out a name for your Lab is an excellent idea.

These sentimental names usually end up being classic names (e.g., Roger, John, Marcus, Jen, Delilah).

Choosing to name your Labrador after an important person in your life is one way that you can bring their memory to life even when they are no longer around.

2) Name your Labrador after a celebrity or a famous individual who has impacted your life

Another way that you can name your Labrador is by using the names of people who have changed your outlook on life.

This could be your favorite author, director, scientist, or even an actor. It’s an inspiring way to remember how these names possibly made positive impacts on your life.

For example, you can name your Labrador Albert Einstein if he had a major impact on your thought processes as a child.

You could also even name your Labrador Spielberg after the famous director of many classic movies.

3) Name your Labrador after food

Of course, with the massive appetites of Labs, you can also name them for a certain type of food.

You’ve probably encountered some people or have some friends who are fond of naming their pets after food items.

Marshmallow, Oreo, Popsicle are some cute, yet still pretty popular, names for Labs.

For your part, you can also get creative and use your Labrador Retriever’s personalities as a starting point.

For example, you can name your Labrador after a sweet treat if they are very clingy and sweet towards you.

You can even go out there and name them after savory dishes such as Pot Pie or Chili!

These names can have exciting meanings behind them and will allow you to be completely creative in choosing the right name.

4) Name your Lab after their personality traits

By the time you take your Labrador Retriever home, they will already have some established personality traits.

Some Lab puppies will be shy at first, while some are completely outgoing from the get-go.

You can use their personalities as a starting point for choosing the right name.

As previously said, if your Lab is all cuddly and sweet, you can name them after your favorite sweet treats, such as Parfait, Flan, Cheesecake, and more!

If your puppy is exuberant and has high energy levels, you can give them a name that resembles and represents their energy.

You can use names like Joy, Skipper, or Rover. These names can convey a youthful energy and are sure to make your pup sound like a dog full of prep.

On the other hand, you can also name your Lab after their shy demeanor.

A name like Bashful is a cute option for a name that represents your Lab’s personality.

5) Name your Lab after something that you enjoy

You could also name your Labrador after a specific interest that you have.

If you are intro astrology, for example, you can use constellations to name your Lab.

Leo and Orion are some popular examples of names after constellations.

Other considerations

Apart from those guides mentioned above, there are also other considerations that you can make when naming your Lab.

For one, you should not use a name that they will confuse with a command. This will make the training process much more challenging. 

For example, naming your dog “Yoyo” sounds cute and endearing at first, but the name can easily get mixed up with commands such as no or go. 

Next, you should consider a name that ends with a vowel, or at least sounds like it ends in a vowel, like Ricky or Macy. This is because dogs are much more sensitive to frequencies than we human beings are. 

You should also stick to shorter names that you are comfortable saying. This can help you to be consistent with the name.

Lastly, if you have any other pets at home, make sure to use a name that your other pets won’t mistake for their own. Save yourself (and your pets) lots of confusion in the future.

Main takeaway

How to name your Labrador is a decision that is completely up to you and is something that rests solely on your hands.

There are so many choices out there, and it is truly easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of options that you can choose from.

However, what is important is that you choose a name for your Labrador Retriever that you like above all.

While using sentiment and connections are good ideas, the name you pick out could very well just be random and without any emotional connection to you at first.

You will learn to love that name anyway as you go on and spend more time with your newfound friend.

The most important thing is that you choose a name for your Lab that you personally like.

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