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How to Clean Your Dog’s Litter Box Like a Pro

If you’re a pet owner, of either a dog or a cat, you know the importance of a litter box.

It’s not that difficult to clean one but by the end of this article that process will be even easier.

Training your dog to use the litter box on the other hand might be a little more difficult but we will save that discussion for another day.

While you can teach your dog to use the litter box when it is necessary, you must keep it clean and hygienic to maintain their health and avoid any viruses to spread throughout your house.

You should clean the box at least twice a month and it only takes few minutes to do.

Quick Tips for Cleaning Your Dog’s Litter Box

Tips for Cleaning a Dog Litter Box - Puplore
  1. Make a schedule for cleaning the litter box so it doesn’t get too nasty.
  2. Keep all your cleaning materials in one place so that you don’t have to panic finding them.
  3. Use gloves, mask, and scoopers to clean your litter box like a pro.
  4. You could also change the soil or grass at least twice a month.

Why Do Dogs Need a Litter Box?

Usually, most dogs will use the yard or pet parks instead of the litter box, but when it comes to the indoor or small spaces, the litter box is your best option.

You can either make your own that suits the size of your pup and space you have indoors or keep it simple and buy one.

It will help you maintain good hygiene in your house and the health of your dog at the same time, but it is quite essential to clean your dog’s litter box regularly.

There are two types of litter boxes:

  1. Dog litter box grass
  2. Soil litter box

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How to Clean a Grass Litter Box

Cleaning the grass dog litter box is typically easier since the natural grass absorbs the urine and most odors.

The downside is you still have to pick up the solid stuff – fun fun.

It is recommended that you change the soil and grass every 14 days or 2 weeks. You can order the grass online or buy it from a store.

grass litter box for dogs

This frequency helps keep the grass fresh and green and avoid any unpleasant build up.

You will have to remove the old grass and soil underneath then wash the dry the container before putting your new soil and grass in.

How to Clean a Soil Litter Box

The soil litter box should be checked regularly but does not need to be cleaned daily.

The soil absorbs the urine and odor but again you will have to pick out the poop separately. Thankfully they make scoops for that!

Cleaning a soil litter box

The scoopers have grated bottoms which help you to remove the poop and urine from the soil while allowing the granules of soil to fall back in your container.

A soil litter box should be changed once a week so any germs and bacteria can be removed.

It is as easy and dumping into a disposal bag and throwing it away.

Then wash the litter box with soap and water while wearing gloves, rinse and let dry.

Refill with new soil and make sure you put it back in the same place so your dog can find it. The last thing you want is your pup playing a guessing game of where to to.

I know I shouldn’t have to say this but please wash your hands with soap after cleaning your litter box.

If you have allergies it is good practice to wear a mask too.

There you have it – a fresh clean litter box for your dog!

Or you can try DoggieLawn and they will send you real grass dog pads on your chosen schedule.

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