How to Clean Your Dog’s Litter Box Like a Pro

If you’re a pet owner, of either a dog or a cat, you know the importance of a litter box for them.

It’s not that difficult cleaning a cat litter box or a dog litter box, many people have already made it more difficult than it should be.

Anyways, if you want to learn how to wash your litter box, then you are in the right place!

Tips for Cleaning a Dog Litter Box

Training your dog to use the litter box is essential but cleaning it is also crucial.

While you can teach your dog to use the litter box when it is necessary, you must keep it clean and hygienic for maintaining their health and avoid any virus to spread over the house.

Cleaning litter boxes for dogs is necessary twice a month at least, it only takes few minutes to do it. You will need simple equipment as well as follow simple steps to clean the dog litter box like a pro.

  • 1
    Make sure that you make a schedule for cleaning the litter box of your dog and follow it. It will help you to clean it before it quickly gets overused.
  • 2
    Keep all the cleaning materials in one place so that you don’t have to panic finding them.
  • 3
    You must also use gloves, mask, and scoopers to clean your litter box like a professional.
  • 4
    Also, change the soil or grass at least twice a month to maintain clean litter box for your dog.

Why Do Dogs Need a Litter Box?

Usually, most dogs will use the yard or pet parks instead of the litter box, but when it comes to the indoor or small spaces, the litter box is the best options.

The dog’s litter box is customized to your dog’s size and the area you have.

Also, the litter box can be made by you and can be bought from the store as well.

It will help you maintain hygiene of your house and health of your dog at the same time, but it is quite essential to clean the dogs litter box regularly.

The box needs to be cleaned on a regular basis depending on the size of the dog and the kind of litter box you choose.

There are two types of litter boxes:

  1. Dog litter box grass
  2. Soil litter box

How to Clean a Dog Litter Box Grass

Grass litter box

Cleaning the dog litter box grass is much more accessible as all the cleaning is done naturally by the grass.

The natural grass is used above the soil which allows absorbing all the odor and urine of your dog; it is perfect for the long run as well as maintenance.

On the other hand, you have to pick and dispose of the potty of your dog. There is minimum cleaning requiring the soil and grass naturally cleans the urine.

It is recommended to change the soil and grass after 14 days or 2 weeks. You can order the grass online or bought it from the store as well.

The grass requires change so that all the impurities can be cleaned from the used green, allowing you to maintain the hygiene.

Also, make sure that the grass is not overused and it will need to change after two weeks.

The overused grass is difficult to remove as all the dirt and urine will sit at the bottom, therefore improve the ordered or bought green with the new one and your dog is okay to use the litter box in no time.

You have to remove the old grass as well as soil underneath, wash the try and refill the soil on the tray and put the green on top.

How to Clean a Soil Litter Box

Soil Litter Box dog

The soil litter box is requiring regular care and cleaning which needs to be done on day to day basis.

When your dog uses the litter box for urine, there is no need to clean it as the soil absorb the urine and odor, but when it is used for potty, you will need to pick the potty by yourself.

Can you use the protective gear such as gloves to protect your hands from a germ or any bacteria?

You can now get the scoopers and remove any urine clumps found in the soil.

Also, You can scoop out the solid waste from the soil and put in the dustbin which you can make for this function only.

The scoopers have the grated bottoms which help you to remove the urine from the soil as well as help the granules of soil to fall back while scooping with scoopers.

Therefore you can only take the solids, and minimum soil is wasted.

The soil also needed to be changed twice to one a week so that the germs and bacteria which has already entered in the soil can be removed; you can dispose of the soil in a plastic bag, close it and throw in the dustbin.

Then wash the litter box with soap and water while wearing gloves, now rinse the tray and let it completely dry.

Refill new soil in the litter box and place it in the previous place so that your dog can find it and use it.

Wash your hands with soap after cleaning the litter box and removing the gloves. Dry your hands and you are good to go.

Make sure that you wear the mask if you have any allergies or keep your face away from the soil while cleaning the litter box so that no dust or polluted particles can enter into your lungs.

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