Can German Shepherds Eat Rice? (Solved!)

We all love to share our dining experiences with our dogs.

But have you ever taken something out of your refrigerator and wondered whether it is healthy or safe for him to consume?

As one of the most popular dogs globally, German Shepherds are an intelligent dog breed with an athletic body, phenomenal strength, and an enormous appetite.

However, owning and taking care of these dogs is not an easy task. Although they have a big appetite,

German Shepherds have a fragile digestive system that needs close monitoring. One of the common questions that nutritionists and veterinary professionals get asked is,

‘Can German Shepherds eat rice?’

So, let us discuss the proper diet of German Shepherds and some tips and advice on feeding them properly.


Can German Shepherds Eat Rice?

Before the invention of dog foods, all dogs ate human food.

They evolved from wolves thousands of years ago and lived beside human beings, enjoying their food together.

As dog ownership developed and society advanced, dog owners realized that leftovers and table scraps were not enough to fulfill their pet’s nutritional needs.

So, in the 1850s, James Pratt, a businessman, invented the dog biscuit, which was the beginning of modern-day commercial dog food.

So, if you are wondering if your German Shepherd can eat rice, the answer is yes.

As a matter of fact, many dog food manufacturers add cooked plain rice and other grains.

Due to its easy-to-digest and low fiber content, cooked plain white rice is often given to dogs suffering from diarrhea.

In addition, it is perfect for holding runny stools together.

Can German Shepherds Eat Brown Rice?

However, you should take note that brown whole grain rice is a healthier alternative.

It contains a low glycemic index, which is perfect for dogs with diabetes.

Brown rice also has a higher nutritional value than plain white rice since the seed coat, where all the rice nutrients are, is still present.

Thus, look out for it when buying commercial dog food.

Furthermore, you should also know that if you choose to feed your dog brown whole grain rice, ensure that you give it in a smaller quantity than you would white rice.

Like the German Shepherd, large dogs should only consume ¼ cup of brown rice mixed with their food.

As a rule of thumb, your canine’s rice consumption should not surpass 10%of their daily caloric intake.

It is perfectly safe for all dogs to consume home-cooked meals, especially those composed of rice, vegetables, and other meats.

Such home-cooked meals are actually better than the processed dog foods available in the supermarket or veterinary clinic.

However, dog owners must ensure that the meals are properly cooked and fed in moderation.

At What Age Can A German Shepherd Puppy Eat Rice?

Contrary to popular belief, dogs are actually omnivores, meaning they can consume plant and animal origin foods.

By strictly adhering to a well-balanced omnivorous diet, German Shepherds and other dogs will live long, healthy, and happy lives.

If you adopt a puppy and plan to feed it ‘human food’ for the rest of his life, you could start feeding it cooked rice and chicken from about eight weeks old.

They have gained the full benefit of their mother’s milk at this age, which has helped them build their immune systems.

As a result, they can fight off and adapt to various living conditions and diets.

However, the preparation and making of dog food require a great deal of education on dog nutrition.

It is not the most convenient feeding mode, meaning it requires plenty of dedication, patience, and effort to get it right.

For instance, when it comes to German Shepherd puppies, you should know that their average diet requirements must consist of:

  • An average of 1740-2100 daily caloric intake,
  • A minimum of 22% of maintenance protein for muscle strength and development
  • 8% of fats to support their energy requirements

Luckily, puppies grow pretty fast, meaning you will not have to spend a lot of time figuring out a puppy-specific diet.

Generally, you can change your puppy’s diet when they reach six months as it aids in preventing any bone and joint health conditions.

Many dog breeders begin feeding puppies commercial puppy foods at around 4-5 weeks of age.

Can I Feed My German Shepherd White Rice Every Day?

If you wonder, ‘can German Shepherds eat rice?’ then you may also wonder if they can eat it daily. The answer is a resounding ‘yes.’

Your dog can consume cooked white rice every day, provided his diet is well-balanced to meet the nutritional needs of your companion.

Rice is a form of carbohydrates and must be fed in moderation.

It contains numerous essential nutrients, including calcium, iron, and phosphorus, that assist in your dog’s healthy growth and development.

Rice is also a good choice for dogs suffering from food allergies caused by contaminated meat sources and seafood.

It also eases upset stomachs, disturbed digestive health, and colonic problems such as colitis.

The amount of cooked white rice your canine eats depends on its size.

It is advisable to start small, like adding only a tablespoon or teaspoon of cooked white rice to their regular food serving.

The Risks Of Too Much Rice Every Day

A lot of rice every day could raise your canine’s blood sugar, which is dangerous, especially if your dog is diabetic.

When feeding white or jasmine rice to your dog, you must ascertain that it is properly cooked.

Consuming uncooked rice could result in upset stomachs, diarrhea, constipation, and significant indigestion issues.

In extreme cases, eating a lot of uncooked rice could lead to the failure of some vital organs.

In such cases, give your dog plenty of water, watch for their stool, and call your veterinarian immediately.


German Shepherds can consume a wide variety of foods, including both human food and commercially-made dog food.

However, dog owners should be careful to ensure that they consume a high-quality and nutritious diet at all times.

If you are unsure about feeding them a particular type of food, it is best to do some research and consult your veterinarian.

When it comes to feeding your dog rice, it is vital to boil it properly and avoid adding any seasonings and spices.

As with any other food, start feeding them the rice slowly and keep it as plain and simple as possible.

Trust me; he will not know the difference!

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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