11 Best Companion Dogs For Corgi (With Pictures)

If you are searching for the best companion dog for Corgi, the chances are that you have noticed your dog is somewhat bored and in need of a well-mannered dog for company.

If this is the case, you have searched on the right article as I got you covered.

I give you a summary of the breed information of the 11 dog breeds that are sure to make the best companion for your Corgi.

So, let’s dive in!


Swedish Vallhund

Swedish Vallhund by Matt Lemmon (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Also known as Vastgotaspets or the Swedish cow dog, this dog breed is the true definition of evolution at its best.

This is so as it maximizes its height to nip at the cattle feet during herding. Its height also helps it avoid being kicked by the ‘agitated’ herd.

Bred over a century ago, this dog breed has made itself a name among ranchers and pet owners who love miniature sized dogs.

Physical Appearance And Lifespan

They are naturally born with a bobbed (very short or entirely missing tail), or a long spitz tail.

These hounds can live for up to 12-15 years if not suffering from any underlying medical conditions.

Its double-layered weather-resistant coat color can be gray, red-yellow, red-brown, and gray-brown.

Their thick coats make it easy to groom. These doggies need their fur brushed twice a week.

A once in a month bathe is all it needs to stay clean and smelling fresh.


This even-tempered hound is quite affectionate, intelligent, and extroverted.

What Makes The Swedish Vallhund The Best Companion For Your Corgi?

  • It’s a non-aggressive breed, and rarely will it display aggressive traits to your Corgi
  • It’s pretty energetic and playful, just like the Corgi dog breeds


These dog breeds come in satisfying; red, lemon, white, and tricolors which were intentionally bred to hunt for rabbits.

With their name’s meaning still in question, two theories have been put forward to try and give meaning to this breeds’ name.

Some experts suggest that the word Beagle comes from a Gaelic word ‘baeg’ which means ‘little.’

While other experts suggest that this dog’s name comes from a French term e’geule’ that mimics the sound this doggy produces while it is hunting.

This breed become popular among the rabbit hunters in the USA after its arrival in the years following the end of the civil war (1865).

In 1885 the first Beagle by the name Blunder was registered by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Physical Appearance And Lifespan

Measuring at 13-15 inches long as an adult, this dog breed has left a significant mark on Beagler’s (beagle enthusiasts) to the extent that the people of Woody North America still up to date swear by this breed’s big black nose and its skillful approach to hunting rabbits.

With a squarish muzzle fitting perfectly in a dome-shaped skull and long floppy ears, this dog breed is a true definition of a sturdy and compact miniature hound.


These highly intuitive and merry dogs are known for their quick wits and goal-oriented and unbothered personalities.

However, these hounds can be pretty difficult to deal with, especially when determined to having things done their way.

To avoid all these personality tantrums, it’s vital that you set the record straight of who the Alpha is (of course you!) by adequately training your sturdy doggies to follow commands.

Why Should You Get Your Corgi A Beagle As A Companion?

  • Enjoy staying in packs/groups thus won’t mind the company of your Corgi
  • They are pretty easygoing and don’t back down on a challenge when it comes to making new doggie buddies

Russel Terrier

Known as the Jack Russel Terrier(JRT), this hound is a small compact breed packed with an enormous personality that screams fearless and adventurous.

Bred initially as a fox hunting dog in England by the Reverend John Russel, who was a parson (member of the clergy) and Hunting fanatic.

He ingeniously maximized on the even-tempered aggressiveness of this dog as it would not cause physical harm to the quarry (a wild game that is ought or pursued to its hideout) during a hunting expedition.

Physical Attributes And Lifespan

Standing at 10-15 inches long at the withers, this workaholic dog has a somewhat rectangular-shaped body.

It predominantly has a rough, smooth, or broken (both smooth and rough texture) white double-layered coat with black, brown, or tan markings.

The V-shaped ears typically carried forward on the head paired with black or brown almond-shaped eyes give this hound an alert working look.


When it comes to being patient, these hounds reign supreme.

They are extremely intelligent dogs that quickly respond to a bit more complex training than other dog breeds.

These canines are known for their intolerance to abuse, even if it’s unintentional, so do not introduce it to your Corgi before you adequately socialize the two together.

What Makes The JRT The Best Companion Dog For Corgi?

  • They are pretty energetic, making them compatible playmates with your Corgi
  • They are non-aggressive dogs (the fact that they can hunt down prey and not physically harm it should reassure you of their admirable peaceful trait)


With their iconic smile (due to their upturned mouth), these white furred hounds are descendants of the Nenets herding Laikas, which belong to the Spitz group.

This breed was originally bred in Siberia (in Eurasia specifically) for hunting, guarding, herding, and pulling the sled in the snowy mountains of Siberia (a large province in Russia).

Physical Attributes

The Samoyeds are typically all white with a double layer coat, which helps them stay warm even when the temperatures around them drop to -50℉.

The topcoat contains long, coarse, and white hairs that look a bit silvery, when up-close.

Their second undercoat is relatively short and soft, which helps keep this adaptive dog breed warm during cold seasons.

However, this grandeur-looking dog sheds a lot during the hot seasons.

Still, the good news is that it’s considered hypoallergenic (unlikely to cause an allergic reaction), and sometimes its fur is used as an alternative to wool knitting due to its high quality and texture.

These odorless dogs can grow up to 28-36 inches long, with the majority of them reaching their total mental growth at age 2-3 years.

Their triangular-shaped and erect ears, coupled with their black or brown almond-shaped eyes, make these lovable dogs more enchanting.


This workaholic dog breed is known for its alertness, gentle, playful, and extroverted nature.

Why Is A Samoyed The Best Companion Dog For Corgi?

  • They love living in packs, making them get along with other dogs even if they are not of the same breed
  • It’s a pretty playful and energetic dog, just like a Corgi, so it will perfectly complement your Corgi’s playful nature


Affectionately referred to as a doxie, a Weiner dog, or a sausage dog, the Dachshund has earned its respect as a skillful hunter when it comes to hunting down badgers and other small-sized animals like rabbits.

Originally bred in Germany to hunt badgers(no wonder the name), dachs means badger, and hund translates to ‘dog’ in Germanic language.

This breed doesn’t fool around when it comes to performing its task despite its miniature size.

In Modern-day Germany, this dog breed is known as the Dackel.

Physical Attributes

These miniature dogs with a big personality can grow to a height of 13-15 inches long, with most weighing around 15-33 pounds (7-15kgs).

These dogs also don’t disappoint when it comes to their coat colors, texture, and pattern.

They have 15 coat colors, 3 coat types, and 6 markings. It has blue(rarely), green, light brown, or amber-colored eyes.

Sometimes this treat-loving dog can have their eyes having a different shade of color a condition known as heterochromia.


These goal-focused hounds are known for their sharp wits (in fact, Einstein had adopted a Dachshund, maybe due to its wits!), bold, independent, and workaholic nature.

However, this mini hound can be quite stubborn if they feel physically and mentally under stimulated.

So don’t let your doggie stay idle, as its innate hunting drive will surely drive both of you insane.

What Makes This Dog With A Big Persona A Good Companion For Your Corgi?

  • They are almost the same size as your Corgi, which means that both dogs won’t feel threatened by size, thus making them a good match
  • They are equally protective, just like a Corgi; therefore, their personalities will sure complement each other

Blue Heeler

Previously known as the ‘Queensland Hellers,’ the blue heelers officially recognized as the Australian Cattle dogs were originally bred by George Elliot, an Australian man to herd cattle over long distances and rough terrains.

Standing at 17-20inches long, these dog breeds are a hybrid of the Kelpies, the Collies, the Dalmatians, and the Australian Dingo, which makes them a breed with a huge personality and great physical attributes.

Coming in blue, blue-molted, blue-speckled, or red speckled coats, these dog breeds are famous for their intelligence, alertness, protective, and workaholic nature.

What Makes The Blue Heeler A Good Companion Bog For Your Active Corgi?

  • This dog breed is genuinely outgoing
  • It’s quite protective and will not, let anyone, harm your Corgi as long as it has formed a bond with it


Despite their miniature and cute looks, these doggies are pretty hardy as they have survived for hundreds of years in the food-scarce and environmentally harsh conditions of the Shetland Islands in Scotland.

However, diseases such as epilepsy, eye cataracts, and eyelash abnormalities significantly reduce this energetic and highly inquisitive dog’s life expectancy and quality.

Their easy outgoing nature, top-notch wits, and non-aggressive traits have made this dog breed quite popular among most dog parents.

Why Should You Adopt This Easy-To-Love Doggie For Your Corgi?

  • They are very outgoing and don’t mind the extra company of a different breed dog
  • They love staying active just like your Corgi and won’t mind burning some extra calories while engaging in a chase the prey or tug of war with your Corgi

Australian Shepherd/ Aussie

This dog breed is not only pet-friendly but also kid-friendly. Developed in the 19th in California, this hound has warmed its way into our homes and hearts(mostly) due to its consistent, easygoing, sharp-witted, and loving nature.

This dog breed is recommended for experienced dog owners as they can be pretty chaotic if they feel their physical, social, or emotional needs are not met to their ‘expectations.’

What Makes An Aussie A Perfect Match For Your Corgi?

  • It’s vibrant and high spirited, just like a Corgi
  • It is a non-aggressive dog unless its physical and emotional needs are unmet


The Kelpie is unarguably an active dog as it can comfortably walk for 51 kilometers in a day without rest.

This breed was originally bred in Australia as a herding dog, and as usual, it didn’t disappoint by using its intimidating eye stare and its ability to nip at the cattle to move them in its desired direction.

Growing at a standing height of 20-21 inches, this dog breed doesn’t only ace at the tasks it was bred to do but also effortlessly locates a bomb, detects a gas leak, and conducts flawless search and rescue drills.

Why Should You Adopt A Kelpie For Your Doggy?

  • It’s a loyal and affectionate breed
  • It’s quite independent and won’t cling on you or your Corgi once it gets familiar with you two

Golden Retriever

It is not a top list without America’s most favorite dog, the Golden Retriever!

With a lifespan of 10-12 years, this dog breed is exemplary when it comes to retrieving shot games.

It is known for its confidence, friendliness, trustworthiness, and ability to tolerate other pets around it, making it a good companion for any Corgi.

Border Collie

Border collies are not just famous because of their acting skills (they have starred in the ‘Farm Animals’ and the ‘Snow dogs’ movies) but also for their record-breaking ability.

Weighing around 26-44 pounds (12-20kgs) and having heights of 22-27 inches, a Border Collie can live for 10-17 as long as it doesn’t suffer from any underlying diseases.

This breed is quite famous for its intelligence, alertness, loyalty, and high-spirited nature.

All these positive temperaments make it a good companion for an adequately socialized and trained Corgi.

Should You Get Your Corgi Another Corgi?

You may have noticed that your Corgi keeps following you around, doesn’t stop howling at you despite you giving it treats, and has become less interested in playing games that used to give it ‘sugar rush.’

Well, if that’s the case, your dog is trying to tell you that it’s bored and it’s in need of a full-time companion.

Naturally you are bound to ask whether you should get your Corgi another Corgi?

This can be a good or a bad idea depending on your Corgi’s age, gender and level of training.

So don’t bring another corgi to your home if your doggy isn’t adequately socialized, as this may make things even worse.

Also avoid getting your Corgi the same gender as it is. This will only heat up competition among the 2 Corgis.

Are Corgis Good With Other Dogs?

Yes, Corgis are good with other dogs as they love living in packs or groups.

Bringing in another dog for your Corgi is not only a good idea but also enhances your Corgi’s quality of life as it will have a playing buddy when you are not around.

Challenge Yourself! Adopt Another Doggie For Your Corgi Today!

Enhance your Corgi’s quality of life by adopting a companion.

Ensure that your Corgi is adequately socialized before bringing a new dog as its companion.

Always make sure that you adopt your lifetime companion from a trusted dog breeder in order for you to have a dog that has quality physical attributes and a desirable temperament.

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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