Beagle vs Rottweiler – Which One Is Better?

Most of the dog breeds have been originally bred and developed with a particular purpose in mind.

Their main task was to help people and ease some of their everyday jobs.

However, over the years, a lot of these breeds have picked up additional character traits that make them suitable not only for work but also to be loving family dogs.

Still, as their natural instincts are very much alive, they often provide a variety of different ownership experiences.

This is exactly the case with Beagle and Rottweiler.

Initially, the former was bred for hunting, while the main task of the latter was protection.

This meant that their development was not the same, and today, they differ both physically and in temperament.

Below, I’ll look a bit closer at these two breeds and compare Beagle vs Rottweiler to find out what each of them can bring to their potential owners.

Good For First Time OwnersYesNo
Good Guard DogNoYes
Apartment FriendlyWith Enough ExerciseYes
Good Family DogYesYes
Barking And HowlingModerate To HighLow
Height12-17 inches (33-41 cm)22-27 inches (56-69cm)
Average Life Expectancy12-15 Years8-10 Years


Beagle – Dog Breed Information

Beagles were first developed as scenthounds with the job of tracking small animals for hunters.

Even today, they’re famous for their incredible sense of smell and still assist people in hunting as well as in smuggling prevention.

They’re also very popular as family pets thanks to their sweet nature, playfulness, and boundless energy.


Beagles are small, but sturdy and muscular dogs, rather similar to foxhounds. They’re very athletic and pack plenty of strength for such a small body.

They have a medium-long and smooth double coat that lies close to the body and is water-resistant.

With most beagles, the coat comes in a tricolor combination. The typical combination is black, tan, and white, but other patterns are also common.

Some dogs even feature two-tone combinations. The top of the tail is, in most cases, white.

Beagle has a rather long head with a square muzzle and broad nose. The eyes are large, set well apart, and commonly brown. The ears are long and low-set.

Males are 14-17 inches (36-41 cm) high and weigh around 22-25 pounds (10-11 kg).

Adult females grow up to 12-15 inches (33-38 cm) high and can weigh 19-23 pounds (9-10 kg).


Beagles are beloved among dog owners for their kindness and happy-go-lucky attitude.

They are kind and gentle even towards strangers which means that they’re not best suited for watchdog duties.

They’re great with kids and enjoy playing with other pets.

However, Beagles are often a handful. They have a limitless amount of energy and barely ever sit still.

It’s often said that they go through life following their nose. Once they’re on the scent, they will recklessly go after it no matter what.

While this is a great trait for hunting dogs, it can create problems when you go out for a walk or some playtime.

Plus, they’re a very curious breed and love to investigate which can lead them to wander off if you don’t pay attention.

Still, proper training and early socialization should help you turn them into well-behaved dogs.

Rottweiler – Dog Breed Information

The origins of the Rottweiler breed go back to the Roman times. Throughout the centuries, they were mainly asked with protecting people and cattle.

They are one of the most intelligent and hard-working breeds which is why they’re still often found in roles within the military and police.


Rottweilers are large dogs, slightly longer than tall, with sturdy and muscular bodies.

Even though they feature a fairly robust build, Rotties are very agile and move fast and with ease.

Rottweiler’s body is covered with a shiny, short, and thick double coat. Sometimes, the dogs living in hot climates will wave only one coat layer.

The topcoat is dense, coarse, and flat. The base color is black, commonly with tan or rust markings.

However, with purebred dogs, markings never cover more than 10 percent of the entire body.

Their heads are massive, with rounded foreheads, square muzzles, and strong necks.

The ears are triangular and hang down, while the eyes are dark, almond-shaped, and dark-colored.

Fully grown males can be 24-27 inches (61-69 cm) high and weigh around 110-133 pounds (50-60 kg).

Female Rottweilers can reach 22-25 inches (56-63 cm) in height and 77-106 pounds (35-48 kg) in weight.


Rottweilers are loyal, confident, and brave dogs. They’re endlessly devoted to their own and the family and will defend them fiercely if needed.

In addition, they’re highly intelligent which they have proven in their police, military, and customs work.

Highly trainable, they can be taught to perform a variety of tasks.

Still, Rottweilers also have a gentler side to them. They’re loving, playful, and often even goofy.

They may have some aggression issues, but that can usually be solved with early socialization and proper training.

When they’re raised together, Rotties are great around kids. Still, some caution is necessary as with all large and strong dogs.

In general, these are very social dogs and love to spend time with their humans and enjoy all the attention they get.

Beagle vs Rottweiler – What’s The Difference?


Even a casual glance at these two breeds reveals just how different they are. Rottweilers are almost twice as high as Beagles and can easily weigh 4-5 times more.

They’re also convincingly superior when it comes to power and strength.

On the other hand, Beagles are more energetic, although Rottweilers are fairly active dogs, too.

While both breeds need a lot of social interaction, Beagles are more affectionate and playful.

However, due to their careless nature and occasional stubbornness, they are difficult to train.

Rotties are more intelligent and can be taught to perform more diverse tasks if needed.

When it comes to health, these breeds have some potential issues but are considered rather healthy.

However, Beagles do have a longer average life span.

Beagle vs Rottweiler – Which One Is Better?

Deciding which breed is better mostly comes down to what you want from a dog.

Both breeds are rather popular as family dogs.

If you have kids, Beagle is likely the better choice as they’re more playful and smaller, meaning they’re unlikely to inadvertently knock the kid over.

On the other hand, if you want a dog that will protect your family, then you should opt for Rottweiler.

Beagle’s friendliness toward strangers makes them less than ideal watchdogs.

You should also take into account your living space. Even though they’re much larger, Rotties are more adaptable to living in an apartment.

Beagles enjoy open space and are constantly active, which could be an issue for couch potato-type owners.

Plus, Rottweilers don’t bark nearly as much as Beagles.

When it comes to cleaning, both breeds shed moderately and don’t require much maintenance.

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