Are Australian Shepherds Hypoallergenic? (Solved!)

Are you a dog lover?

Are you looking to get yourself or your family an Australian Shepherd?

But you still have to have answered this one question:

Are Australian Shepherds hypoallergenic?

Then the short answer is no.

Australian Shepherds are quite lively, highly intelligent, and energetic dogs that are quite agile and smart.

They also have a great personality that drives them to solve most problems that come their way.

However, they are most likely to trigger your or your family’s allergies if either one in your family is allergic to dogs.

Reading this article may be a great way to learn more about Australian Shepherds, specifically their shedding and allergies.


Are Australian Shepherds Hypoallergenic?

No, the Australian Shepherd is known for its long hairs, which produce lots of dander that triggers allergies in people.

Most dogs that are more hypoallergenic are known to have shorter hairs and non-shedding coats that produce less dander.

Australian Shepherds are quite the opposite.

Therefore, if you are allergic to dogs, then the Australian Shepherd may prove to be more of a challenge to care for.

If you are thinking about getting yourself an Australian Shepherd, you could read on to find out more about them and get more information on what you are up against.

How To Live With An Aussie And Allergies

You can make efforts to alleviate an allergic response if you are susceptible to them and still stay with your Australian Shepherd.

Vacuum Cleaning

As a guarantee for getting rid of much hair as possible, it will be wise to vacuum clean your entire house often.

Hardwood Floor

If you have a wool carpet, consider changing your flooring into hardwood or even tiles as they won’t disguise furs.

Keep You Aussie Away From Couch And Bed

Never let your pup get onto the couches or beddings for further precautions.

The laundry for the dog’s bedding and other textiles that he approaches every week is crucial.

Test Before Adopt

Furthermore, before you endeavor to adopt an Aussie, it’s a smart idea to perform a test.

As such, you can bring him into your house or apartment and test whether allergies can be well managed.

Final Thoughts

Even though Australian Shepherds will never be the perfect choice for allergy households, it’s possible to reduce the probability of allergy occurrences when efforts are made.

But it is still a better idea to pick another dog breed if your household can’t tolerate the agony caused by allergies.

How Badly Do Australian Shepherds Shed?

On a scale of one to ten, Aussies shed at about a five.

The Aussie has an average length, a water-resistant coat that can keep them comfortable in snow and rain.

However, Aussies that live in cold climates tend to have thicker coats than those that live in relatively warmer areas.

They could have straight or wavy hair covering their body with smoother, shorter hair on their ears and head and their forelegs’ front-side and their hocks.

They have medium hair on their breaches and the back of their forelegs.

Their fur comes in various colors, i.e., red merle, blue merle, red tri-color, and black. The colors are often a patchwork of dark blotches against a white background.

The Aussie’s long fur makes it particularly susceptible to shedding; however, they are great dogs, and they are probably worth it.

Australian Shepherd Shedding Season

Australian Shepherds shed mostly in the spring. Since they have a double coat, you could expect a healthy amount of shedding between seasons, i.e., during winter and spring.

They do this as they lose their winter coat when the weather gets warmer; however, there are other reasons why they shed too.

Aussies shed their fur more aggressively during the wintertime. You’ll need to step up your grooming if you don’t want their fur all over the place.

You’ll also have to invest in quality de-shedding tools.

Other Reasons Why Australian Shepherds Shed

If your Aussie sheds more than they normally would, it would be good to investigate some more to find out why this may be happening.

In most cases, this wouldn’t be much of a concern.

However, if you have an older dog and you seem to notice some changes in behavior, then it would be great to investigate and find out any underlying behaviors or behavior issues that may be causing it.

What are some of the common reasons that would cause your Aussie to shed more than it normally would?

Stress And Anxiety

Aussies can be anxious at times. They wear their heart on their sleeves, and thus, if they are stressed, they’ll be more likely to develop behavior that’s not quite normal.

Your Aussie may become fearful, begin to pace or shed more than they normally would.

However, if you’ve gone through a life-changing event that would affect your Australian Shepherd, then the chances are that this is no big deal, and the shedding will be temporary.

Routine Changes

Routine changes can make your Aussie stressed and anxious, and the chances are that if you abruptly change your dog’s routine, they’ll be more likely to shed a little bit more.

Routine changes could involve changing the time you come back from work or starting them on doggy care.

Such changes could trigger hair loss. Giving them some time to adjust and sticking to your new routine could help them shed a little less.

Skin Allergies Or Mites

Your dog may begin shedding a little more if they develop a skin allergy to grass or other seasonal plants.

If you are worried that your Australian Shepherd has developed such an allergy, then it may be time for you to take it to the veterinarian for a proper diagnosis.

If your Aussie has mites on their fur, the chances are that they are likely to shed more than they normally would. You may also notice their discomfort and itchiness.

If you suspect that your dog has got some mites on its fur, you’ll also need to take them to the vet, get the proper medication to manage the mites, and your dog’s fur will be healthy in no time.

Food Change

Your Aussie may also shed more than it normally does if you change their diet.

Some dogs are allergic to certain food ingredients like potatoes, peas, and other types of grain.

If you recently changed your diet and your dog began shedding more, then you may need to revert to your Aussie’s initial diet.

Medical Conditions

Suppose your dong has other medical conditions such as bacteria, fungi, hypothyroidism, severe skin inflammations, allergies, protein deficiencies, or intestinal worms.

In that case, it could be the reason why they shed a little more.

You may need to analyze your dog’s behavior and check if they’ve become more withdrawn and stressed.

If you notice these symptoms, then it could be time for you to schedule a visit with your dog’s vet for a checkup.

How Can I Stop My Australian Shepherd From Shedding

There are several ways you could go about preventing your Aussie from shedding. The Aussie’s shedding habits are manageable.

If you want your dog to shed less, it would be best to follow all the guidelines stated below.


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You may want to feed your Aussie with foods rich in omega-three and omega-six fatty acids and refrain from feeding them foods that may trigger their allergies.

Check how your dog adjusts to the new diet and revise where possible.


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It would help if you brush your Australian Shepherd weekly to prevent matting.

Ideally, please brush your Aussie two to three times a week in the outdoors to avoid leaving fur indoors.

You could use a [amazon link=”B014PFS2VE” title=”pin brush” link_icon=”amazon” /] since they are more likely to get further into the Aussie’s second layer of fur.

On top of brushing your Aussie, you could also use a de-shredder during your Aussie’s shedding season.


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Please bathe your Aussie once every three or four weeks.

Bathing your Australian Shepherd more frequently than this could strip its fur of its natural oils, making it dry and brittle, causing it to break and shed.

After bathing them, you could use a high-velocity drier to dry them, ensuring that you blow the fur in the direction that you want it to lie.

Use smooth movements when drying the fur since moving too quickly could cause the hair to tangle.

Use a natural shampoo when washing your Aussie since synthetic shampoos could contain harsher ingredients that could cause your Aussie’s skin to become irritated.

Aussies have highly sensitive skin, and using natural shampoos could help prevent any irritations that could lead to more shedding.


If you want your dog to stop shedding more quickly, you could try giving them some supplements.

They solve the shedding problem quickly and are available in chewable forms or liquid form, which you can add to your dog’s meals.


Owning an Australian Shepherd is a great experience.

This dogs have the perfects coats, the most adorable eyes, and although some people may say otherwise, they also have the most amazing fur.

If you are susceptible to dog allergies, you may have a problem staying under one roof with the Aussie; however, you won’t know until you try it out.

10% of Americans are diagnosed to be allergic to dogs, and while that may be so, studies have found out that those people are only allergic to some particular dogs.

It wouldn’t be fair to condemn an entire breed of dogs because they have long fur.

So, are Australian Shepherds hypoallergenic?

No, but with proper grooming and care by the vet, you could eliminate dander from your dog’s fur and have the best companion you could ever want.

However, if you are not allergic to dogs, what’s stopping you from getting yourself an Australian Shepherd?

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Madeline Wright

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