How Do You Cut a Dog's Hair? Guidelines and Precautions
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How to Use Dog Clippers to Trim or Cut Dog’s Hair?

  • Last Updated On: January 31, 2019
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Taking care of the pets you own is a routine task to keep them happy and maintain the hygiene. That is why either you can take them to the pet groomer salon or save money while doing it at home.

Not only does it help save money but also it is very convenient to do it yourself at home.

The main grooming activity for your dog is trimming or cutting its hair on a regular basis. It will help the dog to avoid any pests growing inside the fur or get rid of dirty and extra lengthy hair which looks bad for your pet.

How to Use Dog Clippers

If you are willing to trim to cut your dog’s hair by yourself, you will need few things and about half an hour depending on the length of your pet hair to complete groom it and give it a fresh and clean look. That is why instead of wasting your money again and again on the pet salon’s visit you can invest in dog clippers to do the job whenever you want.

Things You Will Need to Trim or Cut Your Dog's Hair

  • 1
    Dog Shampoo
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
    Dog comb or brush
  • 5
    Dog clippers with blade number 40
  • 6
    Dog treats to keep them calm


When you are providing your dog with a good and fresh haircut or trim you have to make sure that they are adequately cleaned up, and all the hair is thoroughly washed. That is why it is essential for you to bath them first.

Wet all the dog hair and gently apply the shampoo on it. Then fully cover the dog in shampoo making sure it has reached everywhere. Now rinse with water and check that no shampoo is left.

After that you have to dry your puppy or dog with a towel. You can also leave the hair damp but make sure that no water is dripping from its body. Now your pet is ready for a trim or cut.

Detangling the Hair of Your Dog

After that, you have to remove any tangles from the dog hair which will allow you to perform the cut or trim easily. For that purpose, you will need a dog comb or brush and make sure that all the tangles are obliterated.

Also, brush the hair in its natural direction which will make it more comfortable to cut.

Trimming or Cutting Dog's Hair

You will need a table on which your pet can stand quickly, and you can see and access the hair completely without any issue. If your dog is way too active or fidgety than you give them a doggy treat to make sure that they remain still and calm.

After that start your dog’s clipper with the blade no. 40 and start off with the face. Clip the hair from the nose in the direction of the hair growth, never do it against the grain. Now gently hold the ear and trim the hair from it. You can do the face and ear in fast and even strokes which give a finished look.

Take the dog’s clipper from the neck down the shoulders and trim the hair from those areas in brisk strokes. Take it down to the backbone and gently cut the hair from that area.

Now trim the hair from the body and starting from the top of the body and taking it down to the tummy area. After that, it is the time for the tail, hold it carefully and cut the hair from it.

After that, you can take the clipper down to the legs and gently remove the dead hair while your pet is standing. Also, make sure that you do it from the top of legs and take it to the paws eliminating all hairs from that place.

You can now let your dog lay down and carefully remove the hair from the tummy, make sure that your pet is calm and doesn’t move too quickly. You can also use the treats to complete the task.

Now your dog is all done.


While you are trimming or cutting your dog hair at home, you need to make sure that the clipper is not overheated as it can burn the pet skin. If they experience something like that they will remember it and make too much fuss when you are trimming the hair again, it will also make your work too hard and a grooming session will be no more fun.

Therefore when you are doing it yourself make sure that the clipper is not very hot by touching it again and again and Turing off after a little while which allows it to cool down and not harm the pet skin or hair.

There are few lubricants and coolants available in the market which helps you to cool the blades when they are too hot; you can buy it separately if you have no or less experience with the hotness of the blades.

Also, make sure that the dog will enjoy the process and also give them treat in few intervals which will make it easier for you to handle the pet as well they can even eat the treats in the middle.

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